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Experimente o KDE 4.5.3 pela web November 24, 2010

Posted by Sandro Andrade in liveblue-news.
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Gostaria de experimentar o KDE 4.5.3 pela web com poucos cliques ?
É só clicar aqui, solicitar o convite para criar uma conta no SuseStudio e depois clicar no botão “Test Drive” do lado direito.

Se você gostar poderá fazer o download do appliance em qualquer um dos quatro formatos disponíveis: Live CD, Preloaded ISO, Disk Image ou imagem para o VMWare/VirtualBox.

KDE In Brazil 2010 – An Retrospective November 15, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.
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2010 was an amazing year for KDE in Brazil, it was the effort started by Helio Castro and Mauricio Piacentini back in end 2008 when they looked for fresh meat for the LatinoWare convention, and that’s how me and Sandro Andrade got involved.


The year for KDE started with the 1st 16 – hour Qt course in USP ( Universidade São Paulo ), wich had a nice participation ( the list of studants got full in the first day of inscriptions and I had to extend the number of Participants )

after that we did the Akademy – Brazil with almost all KDE contribuitors in here in this southern country, a few like Boiko didn’t appeared, come on man, let’s go to the next 😉 – The event was an effort to strength our laces in the community, Brazil is a *huge* country, and meeting a fellow developer from more than a thousand kilometers away is  important.

Akademy – br was a success and made one thing real, we could focus on developer training, more groups were formed:

  • KDE com Chimarrão, in Rio Grande do Sul ( With Wagner Reck, my partner in Rocs )
  • KDE Piaui, in Piaui (With Aracele Torres, our history-bachelor, soon to be master )
  • KDE Sanca ( with Vitor Boschi from the embedded HTTP server for KDE )

This year the KDE participation in events and forums was *huge*, we attended in more than 10 congresses on OpenSouce, big events like FISL and LatinoWare, small events like FliSol, SoliSC and emerging events like FSL-BH ( Free Software Belo Horizonte ) and ENSL ( Encontro Nordestinno de Software Livre )

Sandro Andrade and me gave more than 8 courses on Qt / KDE Technologies for free in different states / universities, and the reception was awesome, in the ENSL it was so crowded that the event was not allowing more people in the room.

on LatinoWare we closed the event participation in 2010, for this is the last one of the year. and a similar success, the first talk, at 10a.m. got more than 250 persons, in a 200 person room, same thing happened and the event was not allowing more people in the room for the talk “Efficient Programming, 2 games in 40 minutes” that I ministred with Qt / KDE.

The Good:

  • Event Participation was nearly 90% of all opensource events, thanks to Amanda, Sandro, Wagner, Camila, Tomaz ( Me 😀 ), Aracele and all others that always were happy to go.
  • Communities were build and are stronger and anger to do continue growing.
  • the KDE Hackers that in a past were Helio, Piacentini and Boiko are now more than 10 individuals
  • The booth was crowded even without things to give or sell, for we had 5 developers there talking passionately about K.

The Bad:

  • Our artistic team led us down, we don’t have an artistic team pratically. if you are an artist and lives in Brazil, hello hello.
  • The ‘Internship Tryout’ was a not even close to success, I’m gonna try next year with a different student.
  • the Promo couldn’t manage to go to every congress, so in the 2 bigger ones, we just had a ‘join the game’ folder and 4 – 5 developers talking in the booth.

All in all, KDE has much more strength than it had a few years ago, and it’s continuing to grow.

3rd Forum KDE Brazil: NE and LA Editions November 10, 2010

Posted by Sandro Andrade in planetkde-sandroandrade.
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Hi there,

ENSL 2010 is over and if I had to pick up a word to define the general audience that would be: commitment. Almost 600 participants filled out the meeting and Forum KDE Brazil talks and all 50 places to Qt and Plasmoid Development short-courses were completely taken, some people were sitting on the floor making around 60-70 persons. It was great to see how people are increasingly getting interested in KDE, Qt/QML, and mobile development. There was also the VII Forum GNOME and we are planning some joint panel for next year’s ENSL.

We are quite glad to promote KDE at ENSL and excited about making things even better next year.


Plasmoid development short-course



Ok, cut … Right after the Northeast Edition of 3rd Forum KDE Brazil we went to Foz do Iguaçu, for the VII Latin-American Conference on Free Software, the second biggest open source conference in Brazil. After getting a 3 hours delayed flight to Curitiba I reach the hotel today at 3a.m. With just some sleeping hours we were heading to PTI (Pólo Tecnológico de Itaipú) – value for the Latinoware 2010.

As usual we plan beforehand a set of talks and short-courses to be presented at Latinoware and again we put it under the KDE Forum Brazil umbrella, this time as the Latin-American Edition. I’ve heard that Ronny (KDE Peru) had some complications to get his flight to Brazil but hopefully he is coming tomorrow early morning and we’ll try to re-schedule his “3D Development with Qt and KDE” talk.

In the last minute, we’re notified about an available KDE booth at the meeting, not as fully decorated as the last year one but at least we are able to gather people together to show off the coolest KDE features. So, I’m here in the very first day of Latinoware, we already had the Tomaz talk about agile game development with Qt, the Adriano’s one about rich interfaces for mobile and right now I’m going to Camila talk about contributing to KDE.

See you,

KDE booth at Latinoware 2010

3rd Forum KDE Brazil: going country-wide November 4, 2010

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Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile since last post. I’ve been really bogged down in recent weeks in light of my Ph.D. research, but I can’t stay long without gearing my head. This year has been quite fruitful for KDE Brazil in terms of consolidating our five local groups and having them starting their own efforts to show off all the beauty and glory of KDE (hehe). After the birth of our beloved Akademy-BR (last April in Salvador-BA) and with the traditional Forum KDE Brazil in its 3rd edition at FISL 2010 (last July in Porto Alegre-RS), we articulated a more integrated and stronger approach for the 4th Brazilian Northeastern Free Software Meeting (ENSL) and 7th Latinoware. After getting dizzy looking for a name and format for the KDE presence in such events (including the terrific Aracele’s suggestion: 1st FUCK :), something like 1st Forum of Users and Contributors of KDE – adapted from portuguese) we ended up opting to strengthen our Forum KDE Brazil overarching brand by localizing it in specialized editions. While Akademy-BR goals include bringing together contributors from all over the country to discuss topics and have some sprint-like atmosphere, Forum KDE Brazil has been the major opportunity to spread the hot topics and trends of KDE and also get some feedback from the general audience. For that purpose we are about to have the 3rd Forum KDE Brazil – Northeastern Edition at ENSL and 3rd Forum KDE Brazil – Latin-American Edition at Latinoware. Yes, three gatherings in three very strategic regions of Brazil.

ENSL is the largest free software meeting in northeastern Brazil, integrating states with very active communities devoted to KDE, Gnome, ArchLinux, digital art, among others. It grew up from the Free Software Festival of Bahia – a smaller meeting started in 2003 and in which I was presenting a short-course about Qt(v2.?)/KDevelop3. Nowadays ENSL receives speakers from all over the country (and some from overseas this year) and the organizing team expects roughly 500-600 attenders in the two days of event. Besides the main track for general talks, ENSL encompasses our two-day Forum KDE Brazil and also the 7th Forum Gnome and that’s of course great (any similarities … mere coincidence) :).

I met Lamarque and Amanda in the plane from Salvador and we arrived in Natal about 2 p.m. Some of the other guys were already here: Filipe, Aracele e Chicão and we should meet Helio, Paulo Rômulo, and Anselmo tomorrow in the venue. ENSL has yielded a great expectation in the local free software community as we can see in ENSL profiles at Identica and Twitter. In the first day of ENSL we are going to have talks about the KDE community, translation activities, development, KDE and Summer of Code, and KDE development for mobile platforms. The second day is devoted to short-courses on Qt, Plasma widgets development, and D-Bus. In the closing we’ll raffle some swags probably by asking some curious questions about KDE 🙂

With no time to breathe, three days after ENSL is over, we head to Foz do Iguaçu to the 7th  Latin-American Conference on Free Software. KDE Brazil has actively been participating in last three editions of Latinoware and we had the pleasure of having Anne-Marie and Adrian with us last year. This year we draw the first steps towards integrating the KDE communities in Latin America by having Ronny Aizcorbe, from Peru, presenting a talk about 3D Development with Qt and KDE. Helio has been in Chile some weeks ago for a KDE talk in their major free software conference and we hope to have a wider participation from Argentina, Peru and Chile next year.

Further information (and some pics of course) about the Day 1 of KDE in ENSL tomorrow …

See you …