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Going overseas, going inseas, going overseas…. May 27, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.
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The Rocs, Armina and the live blue team are going in mass for FISL.
this is great news, showing that we have a great, growing, kde developers group here.


and, just 4 days after that, The Rocs and Armina team, from Live blue ( but this time not the whole team, for financial implications ^^ ) are going to Akademy. It’s my first event outside of Brazil, so I’m pretty excited. =)


*dancing on the table*

Rocs Update – beter use of Qt Property System. May 22, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Since the beginning I was searching for a way to use custom-variables on Rocs,
so I opted for QtProperties in the first week of code. the problem was I was trying to use dynamic properties for everything,
and did a small editable table/view with the properties and it’s values, it was not good, not good at all,
confusing, and a required property name could be changed ( I know that I could modify the behavior, and I did, but I didn’t liked the outcome).

pretty boring, isn’t it?

So , I did a bit of research, changed every dynamic property that I using internally to static properties ( should have done this a long time ago)
and created a better UI for accessing it’s contents.


little better =)
please, send me your thoughts.

rocs quick update May 19, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Automate support is getting quite well. it’s now possible to define a start point and multiple end points ( only from script, I’m trying to make it work from the interface, but Qt model-view is giving me headaches, need to study it harder ).

oblygatory screenshoot:

GSoC 2009 – Mancala Game. May 12, 2009

Posted by tumaix in gsoc2009, planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Since my studant is having some trouble with his uptime internet connection, I will repost here his post about GSoC, that was not sindicated at the time.

GSOC 2009 : Mancala
April 27, 2009 by mahfuz062

I have been accepted to work for kde under GSOC-2009 . I am going to make a game for kde this summer.

My gsoc application can be found here.

About Mancala:

Mancala is not a game, It is really a type of board game played around the world, especially in Asia and Africa. It is recoginized by different names in different places. The board, game rules also vary from region to region. The most common games are kalah(USA,Germany), Awari(Africa).

A quick overview of mancala can be found here:


For detailed knowledge about how Mancala differs from region to region this can be helpful:


Why Mancala:

Mancala is among the oldest board games currently in existence. So, it has massive historical importance.

The variety of Mancala in different regions can be a good way to represent cultural diversity.

It can be a education game for children and give them a chance to learn counting. Along with counting, they can be acquianted with different culture and regions.

Mancala is a game and game are always fun to play.

What I am going to do:

My main focus will be on supporting variety and distinctness for regions or cultures.

Variety as there will be support for various regions and further regions can be added also. There will be a graphical editor (at primary stage I may work through command line) for setting new rules.

Themes, sounds from one region will be different from other regions. Map of regions will also be included so that barely known regions get their acquaintance to user. These will ensure distinctness.

I will first implement a command line game in C++ that works perfectly on basic rule sets. Then I will check it for bugs and fix those. After my command line program works perfectly, I will add it to the Graphical interface using Qt. The graphical interface will contain necessary menus that all KDE games normally contain. Then I will add nice sounds to feel comfortable.

Finally , I will improve the game to work it with different rules for different regions. GHNS will b eused to download the gamerules from the server. My target will be to implement the game for about 3 to 4 regions. Further addition can always be made.

Live Blue represents KDE at FISL 10 May 5, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.
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Live Blue group is going to the 10th Brazilian International Free Software Forum (FISL 10), which will be held in Porto Alegre – Brazil from June 24th – June 27th.

Yah, my dears, FISL will take place in the middle of the year, just when occurs in our state one of the biggest parties of the world: the festival of São João (Saint John – and that is bigger than Brazilian carnival in some states).

But are we going to it ? Are we going to stay here, where it’s warm (even with the rain), eating our corn-based food, our peanut-candy (beloved, with the name of kid-foot), our bonfires and such ?

Of course not!

We will be flying more than 1000 miles just to the biggest FLOSS meeting in the South America. But we will bring a little of the warm with us, to the coldness of the south (yah, it will be winter there). Happly it was not that time that they keep us away from the chill of Porto Alegre since, even being a considerable amount of flight time and distance, the event will count with the presence of many Baianos, and we have already 10 members of the Live Blue team confirmed, and they are:

sandro tomaz vito

Sandro Andrade, Tomaz Canabrava, Vito Chiarella

rodrigosouto luizromario viniciusazevedo

Rodrigo Souto, Luis Romário, Vinicius Azevedo

And a bunch of others that I don’t have the picture to expose them: Adewale Andrade, Cibele Vasconcelos, Caio Tiago Oliveira, Nancí Bonfim, João Paulo Rabelo; and a few that didn’t confirmed yet, depending of “bigger forces” to confirm it or not.

During the event, we will have a stand for the KDE/Live Blue team (apparently, we will be hosting a future KDE event). If you are Brazilian, baiano, nordestino, or just have the guts to be there, come with us. You will receive a warm welcome.

… and wattayaknow, we can also start some maracatú and forró there 😉


O 10o Fórum Internacional de Software Livre ocorre de 24 a 27 de junho
de 2009, em Porto Alegre. Sim, meus caros, FISL em pleno São João. E muitos poderiam achar que isso seria um impedimento para a presença da maioria dos nordestinos, afinal temos até feriados regionais nessa época e festas nos interiores com direito a pipoca, amendoim, milho, fogueiras e fogos.

Mas felizmente não foi dessa vez que nos arrancaram do friozinho de Porto Alegre, pois mesmo sendo a uma distância considerável da nossa terrinha, o evento vai contar com a presença de muitos baianos e até agora já temos, dentre esses, 10 membros do Live Blue confirmados. São eles: Sandro Andrade, Tomaz Canabrava, Vito Chiarella, Rodrigo Souto, Adewale Andrade, Cibele Vasconcelos, Luis Romário, Caio Tiago Oliveira, Nancí Bonfim e João Paulo Rabelo; fora os que ainda estão na dúvida, dependendo de “forças maiores” para confirmarem sua presença ou não.

No âmbito do evento contaremos com um estande para o pessoal do Live Blue. Seja você baiano, nordestino, brasileiro, ou nenhum desses, basta que se interesse por software livre e tenha vontade de ir que você pode ter a certeza de que será muito bem vindo. Quem sabe tocamos até um forrozinho por lá?!

How rox is Rocs? May 4, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

It was about time I give you all an fresh view of the app that I’m writting.

It’s development is slower than I wanted to, because of university, work and KDE-related-talks and groups (not that it makes an excuse, Chani also have those things, and she’s an amazing KDE developer. I’m just a bit lazy ;)).

So, for those of you that doesn’t know who’s this thin guy that appears on the planet sometimes, and what I work on, some pictures of the tool from today trunk, working. yey =D

So, humbly I introduce you to Rocs: Graph Theory IDE for professors and students:


This is the default look, looks a bit like Kate, and actually Kate was an inspiration for me on the layout.


This is the Pallete bar, like Step one (and yah, I need to remember to Hug Vladmir for the insight).


Plotting some nodes on the canvas. The graphs are stored in memory, so there’s no need to save the file before trying to use them for scripting on.


Simple graph with edges, this is an simple example on what kind of graph you could do with a few clicks. Nothing too fancy, I know.


Transforming the graph in “Oriented”, you can use more advanced stuff, like multi-edging and loops. Pretty cute, actually.


Properties pane, from here you can add new properties to the graph / node / edge in a way that they are easily acessible from the scripting area. Pretty userful, but not working yet ;D (it lists everything, thougth, but I still didn’t code the ‘add’ button yet).


Since my app is for programming with graphs, you can acess every graph that’s on the canvas directly via scripting, and also program your graph directly using JavaScript (more to come, I want to add Kross support for it). Here I’m creating a simple pentagon using basic javascript for it. See how simple is the code.


And here, just after I press the ‘run’ button, the graph is created and showed on the canvas.

I think that explains well on what I’m doing, what I want to do and such. There are a few things that I want to do also:

  • *important* Code completion for JavaScript (probably poke somebody that understands the deeps of KateParts).
  • Properties panel working
  • Loading graphs and scripts (now it’s just saving)
  • Align/position graphs, nodes and edges
  • Autotools for creating complex graphs in less clicks (I have this on my old version, need to port)