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KDE In Brazil 2010 – An Retrospective November 15, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

2010 was an amazing year for KDE in Brazil, it was the effort started by Helio Castro and Mauricio Piacentini back in end 2008 when they looked for fresh meat for the LatinoWare convention, and that’s how me and Sandro Andrade got involved.


The year for KDE started with the 1st 16 – hour Qt course in USP ( Universidade São Paulo ), wich had a nice participation ( the list of studants got full in the first day of inscriptions and I had to extend the number of Participants )

after that we did the Akademy – Brazil with almost all KDE contribuitors in here in this southern country, a few like Boiko didn’t appeared, come on man, let’s go to the next 😉 – The event was an effort to strength our laces in the community, Brazil is a *huge* country, and meeting a fellow developer from more than a thousand kilometers away is  important.

Akademy – br was a success and made one thing real, we could focus on developer training, more groups were formed:

  • KDE com Chimarrão, in Rio Grande do Sul ( With Wagner Reck, my partner in Rocs )
  • KDE Piaui, in Piaui (With Aracele Torres, our history-bachelor, soon to be master )
  • KDE Sanca ( with Vitor Boschi from the embedded HTTP server for KDE )

This year the KDE participation in events and forums was *huge*, we attended in more than 10 congresses on OpenSouce, big events like FISL and LatinoWare, small events like FliSol, SoliSC and emerging events like FSL-BH ( Free Software Belo Horizonte ) and ENSL ( Encontro Nordestinno de Software Livre )

Sandro Andrade and me gave more than 8 courses on Qt / KDE Technologies for free in different states / universities, and the reception was awesome, in the ENSL it was so crowded that the event was not allowing more people in the room.

on LatinoWare we closed the event participation in 2010, for this is the last one of the year. and a similar success, the first talk, at 10a.m. got more than 250 persons, in a 200 person room, same thing happened and the event was not allowing more people in the room for the talk “Efficient Programming, 2 games in 40 minutes” that I ministred with Qt / KDE.

The Good:

  • Event Participation was nearly 90% of all opensource events, thanks to Amanda, Sandro, Wagner, Camila, Tomaz ( Me 😀 ), Aracele and all others that always were happy to go.
  • Communities were build and are stronger and anger to do continue growing.
  • the KDE Hackers that in a past were Helio, Piacentini and Boiko are now more than 10 individuals
  • The booth was crowded even without things to give or sell, for we had 5 developers there talking passionately about K.

The Bad:

  • Our artistic team led us down, we don’t have an artistic team pratically. if you are an artist and lives in Brazil, hello hello.
  • The ‘Internship Tryout’ was a not even close to success, I’m gonna try next year with a different student.
  • the Promo couldn’t manage to go to every congress, so in the 2 bigger ones, we just had a ‘join the game’ folder and 4 – 5 developers talking in the booth.

All in all, KDE has much more strength than it had a few years ago, and it’s continuing to grow.



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