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Procura-se designer August 31, 2010

Posted by Sandro Andrade in liveblue-news.
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Olá a todos,

Estamos iniciando um novo projeto do KDE-Edu (suite de aplicações educacionais do KDE) voltado para a área de Educação Musical.

Se você tem habilidades para construir ícones e outros artefatos de artwork em SVG e quer contribuir com um projeto bacana do KDE, conhecer pessoas e se integrar na comunidade então junte-se a nós.

Detalhes do projeto podem ser encontrados aqui.

Contato: sandroandrade AT kde DOT org


SVN, Hammers and Other Troubles August 23, 2010

Posted by Alex Raymond in planetkde-alexraymond.

Last week I have properly experienced the very best explanation of what annoyance really means. Some rebuilding work started in my house, and for the mornings, I was constantly being awake by the sound of hammers destroying the opposite side of my bedroom’s wall. Not quite a good start, especially if you have nocturnal habits such as I do. Being happy enough with it, they also managed to mess up the insides and cut my internet connection for a few days.

That’s a good start.

There’s been something else as well. Since I changed my account from http to ssh, I seem not to be able to properly checkout KDE code (from svn.kde.org). I am able to connect to the server, download/update some files and then my connection is closed all of a sudden (svn: Network connection closed unexpectedly). Although my connection seemed trouble-free, I was clarified by tomaNA, who asked me to run some connection tests, and discovered that there is a strong packet loss over my ISP hops. I’m not really sure on what to do other than call the ISP and bug them, but they will probably tell me to check if the cables are connected and reset my computer.

So, as I was unable to properly get some fresh code, Tomaz asked me to study the Model/View Framework, for something he had in mind. He suggested the creation of a PlasmaListView for plasmoids such as the Kate Sessions, in order to make it look better on Plasma. I’m into it now and hope to have some results soon. Model/View programming is new to me (I’m just a padawan), so I’d be glad to have some suggestions or tips from the old-school KDE veterans 🙂 See ya!

Moving, New Job, Intern in KDE, new Mailing List, Oh My. August 13, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Do not think that because I’m not blogging too much those days, I quit KDE or something, actually each day that passes I’m more and more involved within kde ( and I have Helio Castro asking me to not be the superman that I’m trying to, just to prove =p ).

I just moved again, from Florianopolis to São Paulo, and so I’m not yet fully setup here, so my internet connection *really* suck a lot, but that doesn’t keep me from working. talking about Work, I moved from a really cool company that does Asterisk Boards here in Brazil, Khomp to a really cool company that dows Qt around the world, KDAB. I’m now co-worker of Nuno Pinheiro, Guilliermo Amaral and David Faure, oh my… *-*

A new era is born in KDE now, for the first time ever there is an Intern working for 4 hours per day in kde-related projects with k’approval ( Thanks Cornelius o/ ), his name is Alex Raymond, I’m mentoring him in Plasma for 2 weeks now, getting his used to the basecode and fixing a lot of small bugs on the plasmoids on the way, the plan is to move him to something bigger in the future ( any ideas? )

There’s also a new mailing list that I’m in charge ( with Nightrose ) that’s almost dead since the beginning ( my fault, really, I got a complete lack of focus since I got back from Akademy ) but it will start rocking soon, since I’m doing a lot of things here that I will need to talk with somebody. 😉

About gsoc, my studant keeps rocking, he improved the code, and made the whole app much more significant than it was before. Rocs will now not be a “Graph Theory Application” as I talked in all those months, but a Data Structure Application, and I’m sure it will be one of the KDE – Killer Apps for applied science. stay tooned.

Fifteen Puzzle: Overhauled! August 6, 2010

Posted by Alex Raymond in planetkde-alexraymond.

I remember, a long time ago, Tomaz (tumaix || tcanabrava) showing me what KDE was all about, explaining all the philosophy behind it and why it was there for. While he kept saying how it worked, and all of that, I couldn’t help but to completely ignore every single word that he said.

“I like this puzzle thing.”

He’d let go a frustrated sigh.

As I kept playing it through some boring class (no, Sandro, it wasn’t yours!), I asked him, “Can I have more tiles? Like… to make it harder?” He grinned in an conspicuously evil way and said, “No. But you could make it yourself.”

So that was my first contribution to KDE: a changeable number of pieces, a randomizer, and a color chooser. Nowadays, I am a bit more experienced, and the same Tomaz threatened kindly invited me to work on KDE at a daily basis as an intern under his guidance. He let me choose where to work and get used with KDE development.

“Fifteen Puzzle.” I decided to spend my early hacking days to shelter the orphaned plasmoid, and here’s what it looks like now:

Changes include:

  • Fixed the old positioning, which generated only unsolvable puzzles.
  • Chronometer running (just shuffle and solve it to know your time).
  • Theme color support.
  • Images!
  • Bugfixes and minor tweaks.

There is still some to be done, and I hope to end it shortly. I know that it isn’t much, but I feel happy for it.  My endless thanks for Tomaz, due to his enormous, endless, and incredibly lasting patience support 24/7.

I’ll have more news next week! See you there!

P.S.: I will be moving to another project very soon! Any suggestions?

KDE in FISL 11 August 1, 2010

Posted by Sandro Andrade in planetkde-sandroandrade.
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Hi there,

As usual the International Forum on Free Software (FISL) took place in Porto Alegre from 21-24 July and gathered together roughly 7500 attendees (students, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and govern representatives) from 16 countries. About 500 activities (talks, short-courses, and community meetings), 250 exhibitors, and an organizing team with 376 persons (including volunteers, SoftwareLivre Association staff, and hired press office and services) made FISL 11 one of the largest Free Software events in South America. FISL is always a great opportunity to meet new people and widely disseminate what is happening in the KDE world.

We (KDE Brasil) usually coordinate in advance about which talk proposals we want to submit, trying to come up with interesting topics on where KDE is heading to and some roadmap to guide potential new contributors and show off why we are a pretty amazing community 🙂 We usually got about half of the proposals accepted for presentation, activities in FISL program range from highly geek topics with non-sense titles like “The ant meets the elephant, or something like that” 🙂 to educational, bussiness-oriented, and government related talks. So, every year we get a felling of not enough room for KDE at FISL but we’ll always be there :), promoting our community and inviting fresh blood to join the game.

Basically we had four KDE-related talks and meetings this year, in addition to the already expected top-talks about Qt from the Trolls and INdT guys. For some still unknown reason 🙂 our talks are always scheduled to some inconvenient slots like 9 a.m. in the day after the FISL party 🙂 or in parallel with THE most expected speaker but … yes … So, in a brief:

  • KDE Lovelace: free software by women. Unfortunately the guys from KDE-MG (Amanda, Lamarque, Felipe, Anderson e Daniel) couldn’t attend FISL this year. Amanda would present this talk with Camila but Tomaz ended up helping her in the last minute. There were three talks about women in free software at FISL 11, the biggest one – in the same slot of ours – brought together 200 participants. Damn 🙂 Sounds like a plan a unified big women meeting next year.
  • 3rd Brazilian KDE Users and Developers Meeting. That’s becoming a somehow “traditional” event at FISL and it’s a nice opportunity to provide recent news to general audience and receive some feedback about how users and developers have experienced KDE SC. In spite of the early morning assigned slot it was a fruitful meeting mainly because a new KDE regional group should come soon, organized by Domingos. Furthermore, it was a chance to promote the “Join the Game” campaign, to spread the technical advances, and say “join us”, we are a great and enjoyable family.
  • Develop your JavaScript Plasmoid in 20 Minutes. I submitted this proposal some minutes before FISL deadline. My other submition about “KDE Contribution Roadmap and Opportunities” wasn’t accepted but anyway I got a chance to fish that “I-dont-like-C++-even-with-Qt” developer or even those with no technical background who would find in JavaScript their way to KDE contribution. I think it somehow worked despite of happening again 9 a.m. :), people were impressed with how easy one could bring their beloved Plasma application to life with fancy animations in 4.5 🙂
  • 2nd Brazilian Google Summer of Code Students Meeting. Even though it isn’t a KDE dedicated event I wanted to organize this second GSoC meeting at FISL motivated by the great audience responsiveness last year. It’s been a forum to share our experiences, tell people “You can !”, and, of course, talk a little bit about Season of KDE and our achievements along the last years. It’s pretty cool to coordinate with previously unknown GSoC-partners and provide a very pleasant meeting. Next year, though, I should delegate that meeting coordination to someone else and really focus on marketing KDE. Every year we get more expertise about FISL, how it works and try to adapt our approach to a more efficient one.

I’m really sorry, no good enough pictures about that. I was virtually exhausted taking care of such meetings, talks, promo stuff, etc. Ok, our booth. Larger booth areas at FISL are usually quite expensive and we have been using the free user groups area for the KDE booth in last years. It’s a cool area that can bring good results if well spent. We haven’t registered KDE Brasil as a user group this year since Thiago has kindly offered a joint booth for Qt and KDE and that would be great. A very large Qt poster and TV have occupied the whole booth though and we luckly could find an empty area to hang up our banner. Thiago, thanks again dude ! 🙂

It’s been a busy time since I arrived from Tampere. After applying final exams to my students and publishing the scores, I’ve just had time to translate the “Join the Game” banner and have it printed out a couple of hours before a left Salvador.

Join the Game banner (pt-BR)

I really love it, colors and design are amazing even though some people took some time to realize that was the KDE booth. The first impression was: “Which game ? Can I play here ? :)” just followed by a “Ohh, I see !”. Do we need/have a pretty cool KDE general banner ? Maybe I should have fixed the new KDE Brasil logo right above the Join the Game banner (thanks Anderson from KDE-MG, you rock man !):

So … no t-shirts, stickers, leaflets this time but we are working to have this stuff easily available to the upcoming conferences. After all, the main reward to attend FISL in undoubtly to meet cool people, talk about KDE, and see at least one or two guys and girls willing to carry on the KDE flag to their new regional groups.

KDE Brasil at FISL 11

Ok, disregard the taker’s photographic skills :), from left to right: Melissa (our new friend, PhD in Maths, a very very very geek girl and KDE user 🙂 ), Wagner Reck (KDE-RS) and his wife, myself, Camila (in the center), Tomaz (or part of him 🙂 in bottom), and Danielle (at right), a lovely and talented girl who made a funky brand new icon for Rocs: