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Finding the Unloved, in the Valentine’s Day. February 15, 2013

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Open Your Hearts, Tt’s Adoption Time.

It’s 2013, and the world didn’t end last year like the scientific prediction of a holywood movie.


Unfortunately, not everyone scaped, it seems that while the world didn’t end literally, a lot of developers have abandonned their children, their beloved apps and went to the city of Caracol to survive the mayan’s holywood prediction, and have not ever appeared back.

This left us with a bunch of applications that are in need of someone to care for them, to hug them at night and say that everything’s gonna be all right. But we lack the manpower for that, and that’s why we are asking your help to revive some applications, that are waiting ( some of them for years ) to have people working with them again.


Some applications are used by people everyday, but no one is taking care of fixing stuff, implementing new stuff, porting things, improving it to the new decade that’s comming in.


If you are a developer and remember of an application that’s abandoned, please put it in the wiki, if you remember of something that can be done with it, also add as an GSoC 2013 idea’s page. The whole world will thank you, and you will not make baby konqui cry.


If you are interested in taking care of an application and are ‘just’ a student, a hobbyst or don’t program for a long time, fear not, because you will join an amazing community of friends, coders, artists, programmers, shrinks, animal lovers and popcorn ( because I like popcorn ). You will increase your programming skills and work with state of the art developers like Aaron Seigo, David Faure and Thiago Macieira ( and many, many others ) that are behind KDE, Qt and the blue universe itself.

ps. And helping it will make you a great person, and because it’s Valentine’s, remember that only one thing matters if you are in love: