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QtMof/QtUml: XMI serialization and metamodel plugins January 21, 2013

Posted by Sandro Andrade in planetkde-sandroandrade, planetqt-sandroandrade.

Hi there,

A lot has happening since my last post about QtMof/QtUml – a Qt5 add-on module devoted to (meta-)modeling and model-driven support in Qt (currently in Qt Playground). Auto-generation of meta-models has been further improved, making of use Qt5’s new features for metatypes, XMI serialization is already in place even though not all specified configuration parameters are currently supported by now. In addition, QtUmlEditor example has been a full testbed for QtMof/QtUml and can probably be useful as a working application afterwards.

Demo video here

Meta-models (like MOF and UML) are now implemented as Qt plugins. That enables editor (and XMI serializer) to be fully independent from modeling language and also sets the stage to deal with user-defined meta-models. We are currently implementing the OCL (Object Constraint Language) parser which will allow users to define and execute ‘sanity checks’ and conformance rules on models. That will also enhance auto-generation of meta-models since a lot of operations and derived properties can indeed by specified in OCL (as already happen in Uml meta-model).

How to try it !

Contribute !

As usual, any help with testing, developing, and reviewing is quite welcome 🙂 Maybe we can expect some model-driven features in QtCreator and KDevelop in a near future ? 🙂

See you …

2012 Recap for me in KDE. January 2, 2013

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.
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2012 is not the best year for me in the KDE team, I almost didin’t coded, heal life issues keep me busy in a way that I couldn’t avoid. I did a few things however:

  • The program that I started as an University Project back in 2008, Rocs, is now being used in universities around the world for teaching Graph Theory and Data Structures. ( Much thanks to Andreas (CoLa) and Wagner Reck ( wiglot ) for helping me on improve my initial mess into a true opensource project. If you are a teacher or computer scientist student and never heard of Rocs for Data Structures / Graph Manipulation, do a favor for yoursellf and go take a look.
  • I’v spend this year much money on KDE related stuff: Bougth one kick ass Konqui Costume ( that costed around 2,200 EUR, + shipping )  and 2k buttons with konqui paintings to be used everywhere in events. It was used sucessfully in FISL and LatinoWare, the two biggest events in latin americas ( one with around 8k participants and the other with around 5k ). The konqui costume was partially sponsored by Blue Systems ( Thanks o/ ), the company that sponsor the work of Aleix Pol and other great KDE hackers.
  • I’v Been into the two more importants events for KDE in the latin americas, the LaKademy and FISL, LaKademy was the one place that I hacked, tought. It was done primarely to tight the community in the latinamericas – One thing that I like very much is that the people in KDE-BR is like a family, Sandro, Aracele, Filipe, Lamarque, Wagner, Me, Camila, Henrique. We didn’t know anyone, KDE introduced us all, now we all are friends and BFF’s. ❤
  • I’v tried to do a internship for KDE with 6 students from one university that I have good relationship with, this experiment failed miserabily and I’ll try to do it again in the future but not in the same way that I did. The students did a few things, but at turtle paces, two quit in the first week, two did nothing for two months, while I was trying and trying to help them, they didn’t want help ( or work… ), that’s a real problem with “Free Software Groups” on universities that I’ll talk more in other post. But seriously, if you don’t want to work, don’t ask for a job. The code that they did will eventually end on KDE 4.11 ( since 4.10 passed by and they didn’t delivered. -.-‘ )

This is my small resume for KDE in 2012, I hope 2013 is a better year 🙂