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Subsurface 4.5(.1) Released October 28, 2015

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Subsurface 4.5 (and Subsurface 4.5.1)  just got released



This was one mounstrous huge amount of work: Three successfull Summer of Code projects got merged onto subsurface code, a *ton* of work from quite a few hackers that had nothing better to do than to create an awesome dive log.


We managed to get a lot of wishes and bugfixes on this version:

  • Subsurface now uses Grantlee to print the dive templates
  • Git for remote file storage
  • Automatic Geo Coordinates Name Retrieval for Dive Sites
  • (Experimental) Android UI
  • *TONS* of bugfixes and code cleanups
  • Dive Computer Management from within subsurface

Since the Move from Gtk to Qt almost two and a half years ago Subsurface has gained a boost in productivity that’s very, *VERY* visible:

2109 commits by git’s counting, That’s the most we ever had between two major releases (for comparison, the switch from Gtk to Qt (3.1->4.0) was only 1643 commits.

Let me Quote Dirk Hohndel,

“What’s interesting is how many new people are in this list. GSoC students, but also quite a few others who haven’t contributed before. 35 people sent at least one commit, 20 sent more than 10 commits. For comparison, from the start of Subsurface until the last Gtk release (3.1.1) only 15 different developers had 10 or more commits.”


Here is the Detailed commit list for Subsurface 4.5:

Dirk Hohndel, Tomaz Canabrava, Miika Turkia, Gehad Elrobey, Robert Helling, Anton Lundin, Grace Karanja, Lubomir I. Ivanov, Rick Walsh, Claudiu Olteanu, Salvador Cuñat, Guido Lerch, Willem Ferguson, Joakim Bygdell, Jan Darowski, Linus Torvalds, Guillaume GARDET, Sergey Starosek, Marcos CARDINOT, Sander Kleijwegt, Patrick Valsecchi, Sebastian Kügler, Gaetan Bisson, Tim Wootton,  Henrik Brautaset Aronsen, Thiago Macieira, Venkatesh Shukla, Giorgio Marzano, Martin Long, Paul-Erik Törrönen, pestophagous, Jan Mulder, Pedro Neves, Torstein Husebø, Yousef Hamza

A huge Thank You ❤ You rock.
You guys can know more about subsurface in it’s official homepage: http://www.subsurface-divelog.org


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