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KDE Minas Gerais September 30, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

I’v just been into Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil ( well, It’s where I live, há. ) To promote KDE in it’s most recent installfest for 4.3. Was a very pleasant stay, I met the local Gnommies, and kdeis ( that’s one thing that gnome has better than KDE, the name of people that uses it. Gnommies rulez, but how do call people that uses KDE in a cool way? o.O )

well, I stayed in Amanda’s house. ( Amanda is a kind of Brazilian blauzahl, likes to coordinate things. ) and I ate lots and lots of local goodies. nham.

The event was a really nice surprise, since it was their first event, I didn’t expect anything much fancy, but actually it was crowed with people, with very nice talks about KDE Edu, Educational Apps for kids with inabilities, OpenStreetMap). I also gave a talk, with Amanda’s cousin, about How to improve your coding skills by helping an opensource project.

Pictures later, I Still don’t have them, waiting for a Amanda to send me ;D

Talks on colleges September 19, 2009

Posted by Nibodhika in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Hey! long time no post! I’ve been busy, so I haven’t had time to
participateof Live Blue. Let’s get down to busines, we had 2 talks
in 2 different colleges, UNIME and UFBA, here in Salvador.
UNIME first, when we got there we tought it would be a normal
talk, with just a few participants from 3º semester on, but
we (or at least me) were surprised when we saw at least 100
students from different semesters, and everything was brightfull
and colorfull for those who had never (yet) had a kernel panic
or something like it.

There were persons from users of Konectiva 4 to people who
had never heard the differences between linux and other OSs,
so it was very difficult to know what to explain and what to
consider known, so Sandro did the best choise, wich was to
explain everything… what took a little bit longer than planed,
and Tomaz didin’t had a chance to speak. At the end we asked
if there was any question, and we just recibed 2 or 3, but when
we ended the talk, half of the people who had been sitted and
shouted pretty mutch all the time came to us and asked lot’s
of questions and opinions, so we stayed there a little bit after
finished the talk to take a time to a “free speak” about our
personal opinions and experiences.

I think lot’s of people there were interested in Free Software,
and will start to use it in home. I liked the reception of the
people there so mutch that I may do some speaches of my
own there if I have the support of the group and the collage
to do that.

Now UFBA… I don’t know if call this a paradox or a irony,
but the thing is that noone went to the speach there
(wich was ment to be just for the 1º semesters), The irony
is that most of our group studies or teaches there
(me myself am trying to enter there, because it’s one,
if not the, best collage in salvador). Including some of the
young blood of the Live Blue that should had been there, but
I’ve been told that the UFBA just sayd that there would
be no class, so most of the people went home.
So we had a huge sucess and a tremendous fail… but we can
come back to UFBA another day, also we can do a presentation
on other colleges like Ruy Barbosa (where Tomaz studies) or Area1
(where I used to study). And I wanted to use this opportunity to
ask to those of you who understand portuguese to read my
blog http://avouetom.blogspot.com
it’s as the name suggest (A Vida O Universo E Tudo O Mais –
Life Universe And Everything Else), a blog about almost everything,
especially comics, movies, games and other geekies stuffs.
Live Blue… and prosper

By: Viito F. Chiarella

Announcing RgbToLatex September 16, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

I think that this thingy is quite userful, so userful that could be added to Kile, I was bored so I did a quick’n dirty colorpicker for converting rgb colours to latex colours, and my first try was to convert Oxygen pallete.


Pretty, huh:?

News, Thoughts and Pretty Pictures September 15, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.


Lots of great news have arrived in the burning ground lands ( brazil means that, yaknow? ). the first news: Spread KDE continues, we just give 2 talks, one in UFBA and one in UNIME, for more than 150 studants in one, and on the other I prefer not to talk about it.

Tokamak ended, I have nothing to say but Wow, the great new stuff incorporated in KDE by the summer of code is really nice. I have tested and approved ( except for some small glitches ) the new plasma widget center, done by our beauty annieC, and in a related note I still didn’t see the results for the kwin tabbing support, that’d be totally awesome to have, still waiting for that or for some tip on how to enable it.

One of a long standing bug has ben fixed in the woobly windows making me proud of use Composite again ( yes, I *LOVE* woobly windows ), and hotkeys for managing the window layout has been added. and seriously, I cant go back to 4.2 now, even it being 10% of the answer.

I just introduced the wonderful world of KDE programming to a friend of mine, Alexandre Raymond, and in 20 minutes he was able to hack 15-puzzle ( the plasma applet) and made it be N-puzzle,
yeah, that’s right, you now are able to braindamage yourself trying to solve a 99-puzzle just for fun( I still didn’t send the path to kde, waiting for him to send to me first )



Rocs reaches alpha1 state. this means that I will *NOT* add new features on the tags/version1 branch, but will do only bugfixes and add iicons that pinheiro is doing for me. ( btw, Thanks man ;D )

More rocs pictures, because I think my app is now actually pretty pretty. )






And, one last note, I started learning plasma, my first plasmoid is ready. ugly, but ready. how can we be till today without a tictactoe?


And the last thing is, I heard that nokia is hiring anyone that can solve the following puzzle for $1M/year: