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GSoC 2009 – Mancala Game. May 12, 2009

Posted by tumaix in gsoc2009, planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Since my studant is having some trouble with his uptime internet connection, I will repost here his post about GSoC, that was not sindicated at the time.

GSOC 2009 : Mancala
April 27, 2009 by mahfuz062

I have been accepted to work for kde under GSOC-2009 . I am going to make a game for kde this summer.

My gsoc application can be found here.

About Mancala:

Mancala is not a game, It is really a type of board game played around the world, especially in Asia and Africa. It is recoginized by different names in different places. The board, game rules also vary from region to region. The most common games are kalah(USA,Germany), Awari(Africa).

A quick overview of mancala can be found here:


For detailed knowledge about how Mancala differs from region to region this can be helpful:


Why Mancala:

Mancala is among the oldest board games currently in existence. So, it has massive historical importance.

The variety of Mancala in different regions can be a good way to represent cultural diversity.

It can be a education game for children and give them a chance to learn counting. Along with counting, they can be acquianted with different culture and regions.

Mancala is a game and game are always fun to play.

What I am going to do:

My main focus will be on supporting variety and distinctness for regions or cultures.

Variety as there will be support for various regions and further regions can be added also. There will be a graphical editor (at primary stage I may work through command line) for setting new rules.

Themes, sounds from one region will be different from other regions. Map of regions will also be included so that barely known regions get their acquaintance to user. These will ensure distinctness.

I will first implement a command line game in C++ that works perfectly on basic rule sets. Then I will check it for bugs and fix those. After my command line program works perfectly, I will add it to the Graphical interface using Qt. The graphical interface will contain necessary menus that all KDE games normally contain. Then I will add nice sounds to feel comfortable.

Finally , I will improve the game to work it with different rules for different regions. GHNS will b eused to download the gamerules from the server. My target will be to implement the game for about 3 to 4 regions. Further addition can always be made.



1. Anon - May 12, 2009

Cool – best of luck with this!

“Finally , I will improve the game to work it with different rules for different regions. GHNS will b eused to download the gamerules from the server.”

How are rulesets implemented? Changed parameters? Scripts … ?

2. vlad - May 12, 2009

Best of luck! You may want to work on interface/QT code side by side with the process of making it command line in order to avoid duplication. your mentor probably knows best how to direct you however…

3. Steve - May 13, 2009

This sounds very exciting- I haven’t played a game of Mancala in many years, and it would be nice to play again.

4. notoveryet - May 13, 2009

your ideas for the game are really interesting…
I can’t wait to see it coming…

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