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Subsurface 4.2 Beta1 (4.1.90) July 16, 2014

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It’s been a little over two months since our last release — so there’s a chance that we will meet our plans of a release “about every three months”.

This is the first beta, so be careful — have backups of your data files and watch out for changes you didn’t intend. There are a few bugs hiding still, check (and report) at our bugtracker.


Some of the interesting new features in 4.2:

the dive planner got added back again, using the graphical profile editor
pictures can be associated with dives and shown in the profile
printing was quite a bit improved
data entry for dives is much more intuitive and consistent
first steps towards an HTML exporter
support for importing dive log files from Seabear dive computers
a user survey was added to learn more about the needs of out users

Please let us know what you think!

Nixnote goes Qt July 14, 2014

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I was fixing a friend’s computer this weekend and she asked me to install her evernote client to keep things in sync, sigh… it’s a java application and I really didn’t wanna install that but well, she needed, so I went to the developer website and WHOA, It went to Qt.

Evernote is a very nice application to have in the smartphone and having an ( unnoficial ) qt client for mac, windows and linux is awesome.

The guys at webdupd8 are better than me in writting, so see for yourself.



About Free Software and Sponsorship June 29, 2014

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I’v been into this world of Free Software for longer than I could ever do anything else.  Started back in 1998 by looking, installing and destroying my computer so many times that I had to have learned something by now. By 2004 I really started doing something besides using computers, well, actually from 2000 since I started studing a bit of programming to help on an ancient multiplayer massive online role play game…

In 2008 I joined the KDE Community devoting much of my free time, my paid time, my girlfriend time, gathered friends to help, did hacking sessions, translation sprints, spend in one year more than 3k euro to help free software – And here in brazil 3k euro is what one gain in 9 months of work, so it wasn’t really easy for me to just give away that cash

But I did for just one reason: I Belive trully in the work that we do, I belive trully that kde edu help the education of children and adults around the world and what the hell, we are the one big educational project, there’s no other big project on education like kde edu.

As there’s no other project like Krita, that took some time to be a good application but nowdays it’s an awesome tool, so let’s try and help a bit. The kickstarter will end in 10 days and only 1.500 euro are missing for the goal, it’s not that much but it can speed a lot the development.


Subsurface 4.1 Beta released April 28, 2014

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Ah, it’s that time of the year again, that time when the summer is rising up, the temperatures are warming, you are getting your gear around and planning to go to the beach to do a swim and suddenly you discover that there is a dive software for linux and you wanna try it doing a scuba diving on your nearest beach resort.




The subsurface 4.1 has improvements in all areas and new features.

- more than 600 commits

- more than 100 issues fixeds

- completely redesigned dive profile graph

- new toolbar to enable graph properties

- pictures support on the dive

get the latest version, try, report bugs, help the world to be a better place for you and for me.


Also, it’s the first time that we are participating on the Summer of Code, hurrah. :D

much love. <3

Qt Spotted on TV, Again. January 4, 2014

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font: qt-on-tvhttp://moviecode.tumblr.com/post/72189242007/in-the-tv-series-revolution-the-source-code-of-an

Subsurface 4.0.1 Released January 3, 2014

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Get it while it’s deep and cold. <3

Subsurface 4.0 has been released December 16, 2013

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The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of the next major version of Subsurface.


With version 4.0 we switched to Qt as our UI toolkit. This caused the need to do a complete rewrite of a large chunk of the Subsurface code base. We decided to keep much of the logic and core of the existing code around, but used the opportunity for quite a bit of cleanup and many improvements.

The basic concepts are the same, most of the basic features are the same, but trying to create a concise list of changes that summarizes the more than 1600 commits that have gone in since version 3.1 seems a daunting task.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • new map widget with a spinning globe to visualize dive locations ( Thanks Marble  Team)
  • much more “native” look and feel under Windows and Mac ( Thanks to Qt )
  • ability to edit dives “in place”: simply click on an entry in the Dive Notes or Equipment tabs to start editing
  • more data about each dive is presented in the Dive Notes and can be edited without separate dialogs and without having to go through context menues
  • graphical editor for dive profiles for manually added dives
  • better information overlay for the dive profile
  • addition of a “ruler” tool in the profile window that allows measuring of many properties between two points in the profile
  • better tag system with both predefined user-specified free text tags
  • better integration with divelogs.de (upload & download support)
  • ability to show the user manual from within the application without a life internet connection and without opening the manual in an external browser window
  • better statistics (with per-trip statistics available)

As always in a massive rewrite like this, there are still a small handful of known bugs and issues — please check the ReleaseNotes and our bug tracker. The two biggest missing features (compared to 3.1.1) are

  • Filter->Select Events is not implemented
  • Dive planner has been disabled for now

Divers, Free Divers, Tech Divers and Lovers, Rejoice. December 7, 2013

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Subsurface 3.9.2, the second public beta for Subsurface 4.0 has been released.
We fixed the vast majority of the known bugs, we added documentation and translations (but help with both is still welcome)… we think we’re fairly close to a final release.
Please take a look, give it a spin, file bugs and give us feedback.

Subsurface – What the heck? November 29, 2013

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It’s well known fact that the Linux mascot is a penguin, named Tux, but did anyone wondered how did the tux became the linux mascot? I’ll tell one thing about Linus Torvalds, He likes to Dive. I mean, he really likes to dive. and Penguins also dive. Proof?


 So Linus was diving around and realized that Linux didn’t have a proper Opensource Software for organizing Penguins sightseeings, What he did? He wrote one. That’s what subsurface is all about. A Dive Log application from Divers, for Divers that works on Linux ( And on Mac and Windows too ). It supports acquiring the dive – data from most of the dive computers that are selled around the world via the awesome libdivecomputer, and also is pretty sleek. It was mainly written in Gtk till version 3.0, but now it’s ported to Qt ( 4.0 for the time being, since we rely on marble for the globe ) but plans for 5.x are being discussed.

But since Subsurface is not a ‘KDE’ app, why the hell it’s here on planetkde?

  1. I’m syndicated, yeah, really.
  2. We use KDE Code ( had to fork some classes because didn’t want to rely on the whole kdelibs just for 2 little widgets, but I’m mainly sure this will change in KF5 )
  3. We use Marble
  4. KDE is about the People that creates code too. :)

And While we prepared Subsurface we also killed a few Qt and Marble bugs ( upstreamed ), what about that?

If you are a diver, If you are a wannabe diver, if you know someone that dives, Tell them that there’s an awesome Dive Logging Application

More information? Go to the subsurface webpage.

Subsurface Switches to Qt November 28, 2013

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It’s been a long, long while since I don’t blog here, and most of my old blogposts were about Rocs, well.. not anyomore. I joined the Subsurface team about six months ago. It was a program written in Gtk mostly by Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel, and they were opened to switch to Qt, why… why shouldn’t we jump ahead and help the transition to be smooth as it could? So Thiago Macieira and Myself jumped in to help, And it’s been a lot of learning from all sides.

It’s been quite a while – but we have been hard at work. We have migrated Subsurface from Gtk to Qt over the past 6 months. And given the magnitude of this change, we decided to go with a public beta (or two, or three, depending on how things go) before releasing Subsurface 4.

New in version 3.9.1 (compared to Subsurface 3.1):

I don’t even know where to begin. This is a complete rewrite of the UI. The basic concepts are the same, most of the basic features are the same, but trying to create a concise list of changes that summarizes the more than 1200 commits that have gone in since 3.1 seems a daunting task.

Maybe we’ll come up with something better in time for the final release of Subsurface 4.0. :-)

Known issues:

  • integration with divelogs.de is still missing
  • we have reports of occasional crashes on Windows when trying to close the window by clicking on the little x in the window decoration instead of using Alt-F4, Ctrl-q, or File->Quit
  • Filter->Select Events is not implemented
  • Translations are extremely incomplete
  • Documentation has just been started

These last two points are important. Because if you have always wondered “oh I wish I could contribute, too bad I can’t program” – this is your chance. ANYONE can help us with Documentation, and almost anyone (ok, this
does require that you speak a language besides English) can help with translations. Please send us email at subsurface@hohndel.org if you would like to contribute.

You can find Windows and Mac binaries at the usual downloads location. Linux users are more likely to have to build from source. Get the source from git and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file (not from this website, those are still for the Gtk version).

A few words from Dirk:

Working with the Qt community has been a blast.
+Linus Torvalds still may not be a huge C++ fan – but even he submitted C++/Qt patches. Who would have thought.




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