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It’s Season of KDE! December 7, 2015

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Hello folks, it’s Season of KDE!

Who’s talking is Fernando. I’m a newcomer on the brazilian KDE community and in this year I’m participating of SoK – Season of KDE.
SoK is the outreach program from KDE community to encourage people who wants contribute with free software projects. For me, its a great opportunity be part of a program which evolves a great free software community like KDE. As a Computer Science student, it is like to be a intern in a great company and helps on development of quality software with global reach.
I’m working on Cantor project, a mathematics applications software for statistical and scientific analysis. My work will be to fix existing bugs on the backends used by Cantor, as well as to support and maintain these backends working on it’s current version. This work will be supervised by Filipe Saraiva who will be my mentor during SoK. Until February, month of finish of this season, I hope to contribute a lot to Cantor. Until then, i will make more posts talking about my progress.

Transcrição de “Chorei num Samba” (Bruna Moraes e Ítalo Lencker) March 15, 2015

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Após alguns anos na labuta escrevendo tese de doutorado, artigos, revisões, etc, nada melhor que investir algum tempo em “outras escrituras”. Sempre tive um pé forte na música (ou seria melhor uma mão, já que não toco bateria ? 🙂 ) e realizar transcrições é um dos melhores exercícios para estudar harmonia e improvisação. Encontre abaixo a transcrição completa da música “Chorei num Samba”, uma delícia de canção interpretada pela maravilhosa Bruna Moraes. Aos amigos músicos profissionais, não reparem as pedradas, foi fruto de uma única noite alucinada de trabalho :). Criada com o software livre Lilypond !!


Baixar o pdf

Vídeo de Chorei num Samba no Som Brasil:

Subsurface 4.0 has been released December 16, 2013

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The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of the next major version of Subsurface.


With version 4.0 we switched to Qt as our UI toolkit. This caused the need to do a complete rewrite of a large chunk of the Subsurface code base. We decided to keep much of the logic and core of the existing code around, but used the opportunity for quite a bit of cleanup and many improvements.

The basic concepts are the same, most of the basic features are the same, but trying to create a concise list of changes that summarizes the more than 1600 commits that have gone in since version 3.1 seems a daunting task.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • new map widget with a spinning globe to visualize dive locations ( Thanks Marble  Team)
  • much more “native” look and feel under Windows and Mac ( Thanks to Qt )
  • ability to edit dives “in place”: simply click on an entry in the Dive Notes or Equipment tabs to start editing
  • more data about each dive is presented in the Dive Notes and can be edited without separate dialogs and without having to go through context menues
  • graphical editor for dive profiles for manually added dives
  • better information overlay for the dive profile
  • addition of a “ruler” tool in the profile window that allows measuring of many properties between two points in the profile
  • better tag system with both predefined user-specified free text tags
  • better integration with divelogs.de (upload & download support)
  • ability to show the user manual from within the application without a life internet connection and without opening the manual in an external browser window
  • better statistics (with per-trip statistics available)

As always in a massive rewrite like this, there are still a small handful of known bugs and issues — please check the ReleaseNotes and our bug tracker. The two biggest missing features (compared to 3.1.1) are

  • Filter->Select Events is not implemented
  • Dive planner has been disabled for now

Divers, Free Divers, Tech Divers and Lovers, Rejoice. December 7, 2013

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Subsurface 3.9.2, the second public beta for Subsurface 4.0 has been released.
We fixed the vast majority of the known bugs, we added documentation and translations (but help with both is still welcome)… we think we’re fairly close to a final release.
Please take a look, give it a spin, file bugs and give us feedback.

KDE-Edu and KDE-Utils fully Activity-Enabled for 4.10? October 1, 2012

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the ‘Intern me on KDE’ program is starting to give it’s fruits.

two of my the students are now porting evey-app (where applicable ) of kde-edu and  kde-utils to use the KActivities plugin, if installed.

Kudos to them.

KDE Release Parties for 4.9 \o/ July 10, 2012

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KDE 4 on it’s ninith reincarnation will arrive at 1st August, making it the stablest, solidiest, snnapiest and quickiest of them all.  A  HUGE effort was put on polishness, more bugs were squished than I can count, and things got fast, I mean, Really Fast.
And now we need your help. “How?” you may inquire. And there’s not just one answer for that, so I’ll give you a bunch:

1 – By organizing a release party ( and rejoice)
2 – By going to a release party ( and rejoice )
3 – By convencing people to go to a release party ( and rejoice )
4 – By being a photographer in the middle of a release party and taking
pics for us ( and rejoice. )
5 – By dressing yourself like Konqui, walking around and hugging
people ( and rejoice )

ps.if you are a Photographer, you will also stop a bit and take a look at the amazing DigiKam.
But then, you may ask “How do I organize a Release Party?” not that complicated, there are some rules that should be followed, always.

1 – It’s a Party, so you should do Party things.
2 – It’s a Party, so you shouldn’t do unparty things.
3 – Invite your friends \o/
4 – Invite famous people \o/
6 – Register the party at our Wiki, so everyone knows what’s happening. 😀

But then you may ask “How can I go to a release party?”
not that complicated, there are some rules that should be follwed, always.

1 – check our wiki, all parties should be there. if there’s none near where you live, create one and blog about it.
2 – Check the time, Check the place, Check your geek stuff, Go.
3 – Invite your friends \o/
4 – Invite famous people \o/
6 – Don’t forget to blog about how was the party. \o/
But then you may ask “How can I convence people to go to a release party?” not that complicated, there are some rules that should be followed, always.

1 – if they don’t like computers, Trick Them.
2 – If they work as teachers or professors, tell them how cool the
KDE-Edu guys are.
3 – if they like sports, run to the party, they sure will follow.
4 – if they like arts, Neil Gaiman’s poetry about tech.
5 – If they think they are too cool for a release party, invite cooler
people \o/
6 – if they are Photographers, tell them that a bianual event will
happen, and you need good pics. =D
But then you may ask “How can I be a photographer in the middle of a release party”? not that complicated, there are some rules that should be followed, always.
1 – You just happen to be there.
2 – You got invited to be there.
3 – You got tricked to be there
4 – You are there because you date someone there.
5 – You love Digikam and the kipi-plugins, and wanna rejoice \o/

But then you may ask “How can I dress myself like konqui and hug people”?
Don’t know, but I sure wanna some pictures if you made it. \o/

Completely Different Sponsoring July 6, 2012

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Sometimes I get sad, and Konqui cheers me up.

and I tougth, but what about those poor kde-promo guys that are on their feet all day long, talking to random and strange people in events like FISL and LatinoWare? What they have to cheer them up in times of trouble, when mother mary comes to them speaking words of wisdom? Just let it be? Nah.

Besides a deep love for the KDE-Community, for the software and for the fame, what else they got?

Well, not to worry anymore, for I made my hands dirty and sponsored a Konqui Costume to be used in almost everywere \o/

As you can see, it’s under construction.  I hope it gets ready for FISL 13, and it will be a fully featured and functional Konqui. The perfect cloth for a midnight in paris. Or a Samba party in Rio. Or swimming in a lake. It feets everything, it’s the universal, loved by all, mother and father of all konqui costumes.

LAkademy 2012, I’m coming! April 27, 2012

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Real life has taken much of my time lately, and I couldn’t contribute as much as I wanted, but I got a break and, while writing this, I’m eagerly waiting for my flight for Porto Alegre – Brazil, where the first Latino-American Akademy is being held. Once there, I plan to work on a new kipi plugin to improve noisy images, meet some old KDE friends, and try to begin a new little secret Edu project (Tomaz, I’m gonna need your help on this ;D ). Stay tuned, more updates will come in the following days!


LaKademy, Here We Go. April 4, 2012

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For the first time, The Latin America Community of KDE will meet in a event of their own. Whit participations from Argentina, Peru, Brazil and maybe other countries, We will be from 27 April to 01 May hacking, improving user experience and resolving bugs. A completely sensational meeting indeed, for I’ll see my fellow friends and hackers Filipe Saraiva, Aracele Torres, Lamaque Vieira, Sandro Andrade. And with the new appearances of Julia Vasconcelos (that painted all KDE oil-paintings on two events) and Manuela Leite ( that did awesome konquis portraits ).

Wallpapers from Desktop Summit 2011 August 29, 2011

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Hello Planet!

I’ve published some wallpapers made from the pictures I took while in Berlin on kde-look.org, and more will come in the following days. Just search for the #ds2011 keyword.

Some samples:

Tiger (1920 x 1080)

Lilypad (1920 x 1080)

I’m a bit short in time, so I’m just publishing them in a single size, but I will provide them in other resolutions as well when time permits.