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2012 Recap for me in KDE. January 2, 2013

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

2012 is not the best year for me in the KDE team, I almost didin’t coded, heal life issues keep me busy in a way that I couldn’t avoid. I did a few things however:

  • The program that I started as an University Project back in 2008, Rocs, is now being used in universities around the world for teaching Graph Theory and Data Structures. ( Much thanks to Andreas (CoLa) and Wagner Reck ( wiglot ) for helping me on improve my initial mess into a true opensource project. If you are a teacher or computer scientist student and never heard of Rocs for Data Structures / Graph Manipulation, do a favor for yoursellf and go take a look.
  • I’v spend this year much money on KDE related stuff: Bougth one kick ass Konqui Costume ( that costed around 2,200 EUR, + shipping )  and 2k buttons with konqui paintings to be used everywhere in events. It was used sucessfully in FISL and LatinoWare, the two biggest events in latin americas ( one with around 8k participants and the other with around 5k ). The konqui costume was partially sponsored by Blue Systems ( Thanks o/ ), the company that sponsor the work of Aleix Pol and other great KDE hackers.
  • I’v Been into the two more importants events for KDE in the latin americas, the LaKademy and FISL, LaKademy was the one place that I hacked, tought. It was done primarely to tight the community in the latinamericas – One thing that I like very much is that the people in KDE-BR is like a family, Sandro, Aracele, Filipe, Lamarque, Wagner, Me, Camila, Henrique. We didn’t know anyone, KDE introduced us all, now we all are friends and BFF’s. ❤
  • I’v tried to do a internship for KDE with 6 students from one university that I have good relationship with, this experiment failed miserabily and I’ll try to do it again in the future but not in the same way that I did. The students did a few things, but at turtle paces, two quit in the first week, two did nothing for two months, while I was trying and trying to help them, they didn’t want help ( or work… ), that’s a real problem with “Free Software Groups” on universities that I’ll talk more in other post. But seriously, if you don’t want to work, don’t ask for a job. The code that they did will eventually end on KDE 4.11 ( since 4.10 passed by and they didn’t delivered. -.-‘ )

This is my small resume for KDE in 2012, I hope 2013 is a better year 🙂




1. Jos Poortvliet - January 7, 2013

Buuut we love you, dude! Just as much when you code than when you can’t. Just keep kickin’ and try to visit the next Akademy, damnit. Get a new passport!!!

C, J and P

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