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Hello world! We are the KDE Piauí June 10, 2010

Posted by Aracele Torres in planetkde-araceletorres.

Hello everyone!

We’re very pleased to properly formalize through this blog the creation of thegroup of KDE users and contributors from Piauí. It was officialy formed during Akademy-Br 2010, held in April in the State of Bahia, and got stronger after the activities about KDE that took place on FLISOL 2010 Teresina.

By creating this group we intend to help, in all possible aspects, the development, improvement and promotion of KDE SC and free software in general. In order to achieve that goal, we’re assisted by many supporters from many areas of study: Leonardo and Angela (Art students); André (Pharmacy student); Bianca (Chemistry student); Filipe, Gustavo e Francisco (Computer Sciences students); Aracele (History student); Sérgio (Philosophy student) and Antão (Jurist).

To begin with it we’re going to study coding, because everyone shows interest in contributing to KDE with good codes. But we’re also dedicated to provide the community with translations, promotions, artworks and bug reportings. We look forward to properly representing KDE in Piauí so we can show people what it has got, and why we should use it and help it.

Our logo mixes the cog, the official KDE symbol, with the carnaúba tree – one of the plants which represent our brazilian State. It’s been created by our art designer and supporter Pedro Leonardo, and from now on will be used as the official symbol of KDE-PI.

Well, that’s it! We’re just getting started. 😉 http://kdepi.wordpress.com/


Akademy-Br 2010 – Too good! April 14, 2010

Posted by Aracele Torres in planetkde-araceletorres.
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The Akademy-Br 2010 was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. The event had thirty participants that studied, discussed, planned and programmed a lot in three days in order to help improve KDE. Three days of intense activities and resulted in a very productive meeting. The sprints were divided into two rooms filled with laptops, wires , energy drinks, soft drinks, and a bit of coffee.

Guys in the kde-games sprint

and girls too!
I was part of sprint kde-games, not programming, of course, but studying some code and trying to learn something to also contribute to the  development of software in the future. I also participated in the sprint kde-promo, articulating ideas for dissemination of KDE in the year 2010. The climate of the sprints was very good, we always worked in a relaxed way and I hink that helped us a lot in the success of the groups. We worked all day with breaks for lunch and dinner. At night we went out to drink beer and have some fun. And some did not stop there, also worked till down.

Fun after work, pizza and beer.

Beer and food from Bahia.

The event was very good to strengthen community ties KDE-Br and also to  bring together new forces to the development and promotion of KDE. It is worth mentioning here at least two great resonances of this meeting: the first was the creation of the local group KDE-Pi, as composed by me, Filipe and  Francisco Fernandes (Chicao); and the other was the creation of KDE-Women Brazil, empowered by girls attended the event: me, Amanda, Camila, Taiane, Yasmin and Jordana. The expectations are very good, i hope i can do better by two new groups. A big responsibility and a lot of work ahead.

P.S.: I loved know everybody, especially girls. 😉

KDE family

Going to Akademy-BR 2010 April 5, 2010

Posted by Aracele Torres in planetkde-araceletorres.

Three days to Akademy-BR 2010 and I’m very anxious. I can remember three years ago when I started using KDE 3. I had no idea what it was, or how its community was, knew only one thing: that software was ideal for me and perfect for my needs. Since then, I’ve never left it, instead, each day that passes I feel more passionate and engaged in KDE and I feel impelled to contribute to the community so that it remains so good.

And this passion is taking me to Akademy-BR, this desire to contribute and make it even better. That’s also what drives a historian wanting to learn to program in order to contribute something more than translation and promotion stuff. I feel the Akademy-BR will be a wonderful experience for me, having the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about KDE and closer ties with the KDE Brazil community. I will try to learn as much as I can with the veterans and dedicate myself to make this event even more productive. I would like to thank KDE Brazil for allowing me to participate in this exchange of experience. I promise to contribute whatever I can.

Akademy-BR, here I come !