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On normal people using linux, part 3 – Annia Zacchi September 12, 2014

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Another friend approached me to get rid of Windows, the problem was vulnerabilities and virus. She was an artist for life and paint, so I explained to her that Adobe no more and she didn’t really feel moved by that so I tougth “hm… this can work out”.

So, I got archl inux[1]  installed on her computer, explained her a bit of the stuff and told her “anything you need, just ask.”, strangelly, nothing she asked for one month, and since I had moved from jobs to another state, I tougth that she had come back to the windows-side of the force. “Hey annya?”,  “Hey”, “How are things up there with linux?”, “Well, it’s great actually. I’m using windows only to play LoL”, “oh, cool, I tougth you hade come back to windows because you never asked me anything, actually”, “No, that wiki that you pointed me out is really good. so I started reading it a lot, and krita, OH GOD. that program is amazing.”

I was shocked.  Literally shocked. I know that linux is not that easy for newcommers, and I’v installed linux for a lot of newcomers, but this was the first newcommer that didn’t had trouble using it because SHE HAS READ THE WIKIS AND TRIED TO LEARN. What if everybody could do that, this could go soooo beautiully.

“And you didn’t had any problems?”, “Well, my tablet doesn’t work with the system libraries, so I went to the website, got the drivers source, compiled and blacklisted the system ones, so nothing anymore.” whow. WHOW.

I really wanted that all my users were like her. This is also a plus, what krita can do if you are a good artist, drawings by Annia Zacchi

annia-krita tauriel-krita tribute-to-kiev


Usually I write more, but my broken feet is hurting so much that I can’t think straigth. 🙂


1. Denis Falqueto - September 12, 2014

Wow!! Congratulations to Annya. She’s talented and smart! She’ll do great things with Linux 🙂

2. STiAT - September 12, 2014

Nice! Well, reading helps a lot, and Arch isn’t the easiest distribution out there too.

Since shared here, I think I’m welcome to use the last picture as desktop background? I like it (a lot).

tumaix - September 12, 2014

Sure. Its in cc actually =)

STiAT - September 12, 2014

Good to know, thanks and thanks to her for sharing :).

3. Richard - September 13, 2014

Nice story, but:
that’s just not normal people!

Kind of unfortunate, but on the other side you have to see not everybody has the time / understanding to read on wiki’s. They just want/need an out-of-the-box experience, which is a sensible & rightful request.

Unfortunately linux was&is not so good with OOB experience…

tumaix - September 13, 2014

I wish I could disagree, but you are right. =)

4. Martin - September 14, 2014

> so I went to the website, got the drivers source, compiled and blacklisted the system ones

That’s just not normal people!

5. leorockway - September 14, 2014

Although I know that Krita is amazing, if you showed her MyPaint she’ll probably love it too.

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