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Subsurface 4.1 Beta released April 28, 2014

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Ah, it’s that time of the year again, that time when the summer is rising up, the temperatures are warming, you are getting your gear around and planning to go to the beach to do a swim and suddenly you discover that there is a dive software for linux and you wanna try it doing a scuba diving on your nearest beach resort.




The subsurface 4.1 has improvements in all areas and new features.

– more than 600 commits

– more than 100 issues fixeds

– completely redesigned dive profile graph

– new toolbar to enable graph properties

– pictures support on the dive

get the latest version, try, report bugs, help the world to be a better place for you and for me.


Also, it’s the first time that we are participating on the Summer of Code, hurrah. 😀

much love. ❤



1. dantti - April 28, 2014

lorem ipsum baiano?

tumaix - April 28, 2014

Cumpadre Ipsum. 😀

2. Àlex Fiestas - April 29, 2014

When Frameworks are out and subsurface uses Qt5 I hope to see it using KWidgetAddons, specially start and KMessageWidget will fit nice in there.

tumaix - April 29, 2014

It surely will. The only reason not to depend on kde code directly right now is that the libraries on 4.x are not very well slit up. But we do use kmessagewidget, multi-line widget for the tabs and marble. =)

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