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Subsurface – What the heck? November 29, 2013

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

It’s well known fact that the Linux mascot is a penguin, named Tux, but did anyone wondered how did the tux became the linux mascot? I’ll tell one thing about Linus Torvalds, He likes to Dive. I mean, he really likes to dive. and Penguins also dive. Proof?


 So Linus was diving around and realized that Linux didn’t have a proper Opensource Software for organizing Penguins sightseeings, What he did? He wrote one. That’s what subsurface is all about. A Dive Log application from Divers, for Divers that works on Linux ( And on Mac and Windows too ). It supports acquiring the dive – data from most of the dive computers that are selled around the world via the awesome libdivecomputer, and also is pretty sleek. It was mainly written in Gtk till version 3.0, but now it’s ported to Qt ( 4.0 for the time being, since we rely on marble for the globe ) but plans for 5.x are being discussed.

But since Subsurface is not a ‘KDE’ app, why the hell it’s here on planetkde?

  1. I’m syndicated, yeah, really.
  2. We use KDE Code ( had to fork some classes because didn’t want to rely on the whole kdelibs just for 2 little widgets, but I’m mainly sure this will change in KF5 )
  3. We use Marble
  4. KDE is about the People that creates code too. 🙂

And While we prepared Subsurface we also killed a few Qt and Marble bugs ( upstreamed ), what about that?

If you are a diver, If you are a wannabe diver, if you know someone that dives, Tell them that there’s an awesome Dive Logging Application

More information? Go to the subsurface webpage.



1. Albert - November 29, 2013

Now you only have to convince them to join git.kde.org so they can enjoy from Qt experts contributions and enjoy our horde of translators 😉

2. haihoi - November 29, 2013

Is there any plans for QML port?

tumaix - November 29, 2013

Yes, as soon as Marble supports it. 🙂

Dennis Nienhüser - December 1, 2013

Marble supports QML 🙂
We have a QML Marble version for the Nokia N9. See src/apps/marble-touch. It is based on src/plugins/declarative. There are also some examples in /src/examples/qml.

tumaix - December 1, 2013

Sure thing, but the qml marble supports is qt4 and I talked to tackat a while ago and he said that the qt5 version is being worked on.

3. STiAT - November 29, 2013

Started diving 4 years ago, and I like this application :).

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