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Completely Different Sponsoring July 6, 2012

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava, uncategorized.

Sometimes I get sad, and Konqui cheers me up.

and I tougth, but what about those poor kde-promo guys that are on their feet all day long, talking to random and strange people in events like FISL and LatinoWare? What they have to cheer them up in times of trouble, when mother mary comes to them speaking words of wisdom? Just let it be? Nah.

Besides a deep love for the KDE-Community, for the software and for the fame, what else they got?

Well, not to worry anymore, for I made my hands dirty and sponsored a Konqui Costume to be used in almost everywere \o/

As you can see, it’s under construction.  I hope it gets ready for FISL 13, and it will be a fully featured and functional Konqui. The perfect cloth for a midnight in paris. Or a Samba party in Rio. Or swimming in a lake. It feets everything, it’s the universal, loved by all, mother and father of all konqui costumes.



1. Pawlo - July 6, 2012

I hope you will never give up. I tried Ubuntu yesterday and it looses against KDE in every term. KDE is rock stable, much easier and much more comfortable to use. It should be default Linux environment and I hope you will get the highest market share. I’ll do my best to help KDE (and Kubuntu) in this goal. It’s amazing desktop environment.

2. Duda Nogueira - July 6, 2012

We definitely want this on Latinoware!! Get ready and prepare to goooooooo!!

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