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TaimeTraquer 0.1 alpha June 28, 2012

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

What the hell is TaimeTraquer?

TaimeTraquer is a TimeTracking application, based on gtimelog, it uses the same format, saves in the same place, so you can use both, or just one, in the same way that you use gtimelog.

It has some benefits over gtimelog, it also has some shortcommings, for instance, it doesn’t generate reports ( yet ) , but it’s easyer to use, because you don’t really need to open the app, focus the line editor, write the thingy.

you just need to write ‘tt’ on the KRunner ( the alt+f2 popup ) and magic will happen.

so, if you guys wanna try it out, it’s on my scratch space:


remember to adjust KDEDIRS and to run kbuildsyscoca4, and reestart krunner ( kquitapp krunner && krunner ) before trying to use it.

Manual: Write ‘tt arrived’ to mark that you just arrived, and ‘tt otherStuff: just did stuff’ to mark what you just finished. ­čÖé

I do accept ideas for improving the implementation.



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