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I’m going to Akademy 2012! August 26, 2011

Posted by Vitor Boschi in vitor-planetkde.

Humboldt University

Yeah, I know it’s a bit too early for this, but from this year’s experience at the Berlin Desktop Summit, I’m not going to miss the next Akademy.

So, I’m finally back home after the Desktop Summit! It was the first time I met most of the KDE devs and even had the opportunity to help a bit in the organisation of such a wonderful conference.

The location chosen was really nice: Berlin is a beautiful city, German people is very receptive (and helpful!) to foreigners, its transport system is a dream (specially if you compare to what we have here in Brasil, unfortunately), and one can easily get all kinds of food. Everything without knowing a single word in German!

Chani's lightning talk

The Humboldt University provided us with a good Internet connection and big rooms for the talks and for the hacking sessions and is located in the hearth of Berlin, with lots of historical buildings, pubs and restaurants nearby, making our stay in Berlin a pleasure. The conference featured a lot of high quality talks and, together with the workshops, BoF’s and experience exchange, gave everyone a nice overview of the projects we usually don’t know much (both in KDE and Gnome).

Thomas Thym talk about conflict management

Another good thing is that we had quite a lot of Brazilians attending the conference this year, so it looks like our local community is growing up \o/. Keep up, guys!

In the following picture, you can see (from left to right) Ufa, Camila Ayres, Filipe Saraiva, Aracele Torres, Lamarque Vieira and sitting on the floor you’ll find me.

Brazilians @ Berlin Desktop Summit

That was my first participation on a Desktop Summit/Akademy, but I’ll attend the next year’s Akademy for sure. It was a very valuable experience and interacting with/knowing the KDE people is really motivating. See you on Akademy 12!




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