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KDE Bahia Meeting at Sandro’s House February 2, 2011

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Yesterday we decided that it would be a friendly gesture to pick up all our hardware and head towards the sunset with tears in our eyes and a music in our ears for the KDE Summer Meeting in Sandro’s house. That will probably become a worldwide famous meeting, so, be prepared for next season.

There were four persons there, Sandro (the owner of the house) Tomaz (The big,skinny and nerdy one), Alexandre Amoedo Amorim ( also know as OpenGL ) and Romário ( the one helping Kikri ). It was a nice meeting, altougth we didn’t really programmed anything for KDE there, we talked a lot about K, and it was decided to port Alele’s Conclusion Project to KDE ( A Music Learning program ), Romário started a new plasmoid, Sandro and I debated about the differences between Europe and Brazil in desire to participate in Free Software Movements, and I will do a talk at Sandro’s university on it.

It was good to see some familiar faces.



1. Romário Rios - February 3, 2011

Actually, I sent a patch making some modifications in the Timer plasmoid: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/100521/

But, yeah, that was cool.

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