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And SoliSC is Over October 28, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

And it was an amazing event. I find quite enoyable to go to a not – so – big event because there’s always more chance to talk a bit more than usual with the users and fellow hackers than the big ones. Not that they don’t talk in big events, just that in big events my attention is spplattered acros 10 or 20 dudes trying to talk and made a point.

I Gave a talk about KDE Scientific Appplications, well, not just KDE, I also talked about Mendeley since it’s one of the best Research tools that I know of.The presentation can be found here ( in portuguese ).

Pictures for the picture fans.


KDE Science talk, quite  alot of people in there. and I got a good feedback, time to stop doing cute presentations and focus on serious ones. 😉

Line for inscriptions.

People scattered across the hall. The event got around 50% more people than expected.


Marlei ( SoliSC organizer ), Melissa ( KDE Woman / SoliSC organizer ) and Me.



1. Stu Jarvis - October 28, 2010

Hey Tomaz, why not write us a Dot story about this? The above plus a bit of background: what is the event, where is it, how long has it been going, who was there from KDE and what did they talk about?

tumaix - October 28, 2010

*afraid* well, Ok. I will do. will send you an e-mail when it’s ready.

Stu Jarvis - October 29, 2010

Awesome 🙂 Thanks

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