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Speechless. again. September 15, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

So, the amazing KDE – MG team Made a really nice Panel about the FSL-BH

And in a couple of weeks later an university from the same State Made a really nice panel about an introductory class on Multimedia Art.

I will leave them here by now… and start thinking about other thing… When we, the fellow KDE guardians of truth and justice sweat our asses of creating a Festival ( and that’s, by the way, not easy at all ) it’s really common to the universities, insitutions or what ever, tried to dismiss everything that we did and takes the whole work as if it were theirs, three examples.

  • KDE-MG team and Ubuntu UAI did the First FSL-BH in september 2009, I was there to help them. I see how they worked hard on it. And in the end, the institution made a panel “FSL-BH proudly presented to you by ESP-BH”. WHAT? not even one word about the guys that actually made de event? Hello ESP, you just lend us the local to use for the event, nothing more.  you are a collaborator, not the creator.
  • KDE-MG team and Ubuntu-UAI did the second FSL-BH in november 2009, I was not there to help them this time, but the same thing happened. “II FSL-BH proudly presented to you by UNA-BH”, HELLO? ( in portuguese, the annoucement, here. as you can see, not a word about KDE-MG or Ubuntu-UAI were given in the annoucement, tsc.
  • KDE-MG and Open Source Betim did the III FSL-BH, and as usual someone tried to get the intelectual property of them.

This is sad, really, you should be universities, trying to make the world a better place and showing that you are a place to create minds, build thinkers, and not try to get something that you didn’t did as yours.

[edit] the pau is commendo solto in twitter about the unibh. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=unibh



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