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SVN, Hammers and Other Troubles August 23, 2010

Posted by Alex Raymond in planetkde-alexraymond.

Last week I have properly experienced the very best explanation of what annoyance really means. Some rebuilding work started in my house, and for the mornings, I was constantly being awake by the sound of hammers destroying the opposite side of my bedroom’s wall. Not quite a good start, especially if you have nocturnal habits such as I do. Being happy enough with it, they also managed to mess up the insides and cut my internet connection for a few days.

That’s a good start.

There’s been something else as well. Since I changed my account from http to ssh, I seem not to be able to properly checkout KDE code (from svn.kde.org). I am able to connect to the server, download/update some files and then my connection is closed all of a sudden (svn: Network connection closed unexpectedly). Although my connection seemed trouble-free, I was clarified by tomaNA, who asked me to run some connection tests, and discovered that there is a strong packet loss over my ISP hops. I’m not really sure on what to do other than call the ISP and bug them, but they will probably tell me to check if the cables are connected and reset my computer.

So, as I was unable to properly get some fresh code, Tomaz asked me to study the Model/View Framework, for something he had in mind. He suggested the creation of a PlasmaListView for plasmoids such as the Kate Sessions, in order to make it look better on Plasma. I’m into it now and hope to have some results soon. Model/View programming is new to me (I’m just a padawan), so I’d be glad to have some suggestions or tips from the old-school KDE veterans 🙂 See ya!



1. Parker - August 23, 2010

About six months ago I tried writing a PlasmaListWidget for the Konsole Sessions applet. I might a small bit of progress before I got busy with other things and abandoned it. I hope you’re more successful than I was!

2. Aaron Seigo - August 25, 2010

there is an “AbstractItemView” that is used by FolderView and it is fairly complete; that may be a place to start looking?

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