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Moving, New Job, Intern in KDE, new Mailing List, Oh My. August 13, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Do not think that because I’m not blogging too much those days, I quit KDE or something, actually each day that passes I’m more and more involved within kde ( and I have Helio Castro asking me to not be the superman that I’m trying to, just to prove =p ).

I just moved again, from Florianopolis to São Paulo, and so I’m not yet fully setup here, so my internet connection *really* suck a lot, but that doesn’t keep me from working. talking about Work, I moved from a really cool company that does Asterisk Boards here in Brazil, Khomp to a really cool company that dows Qt around the world, KDAB. I’m now co-worker of Nuno Pinheiro, Guilliermo Amaral and David Faure, oh my… *-*

A new era is born in KDE now, for the first time ever there is an Intern working for 4 hours per day in kde-related projects with k’approval ( Thanks Cornelius o/ ), his name is Alex Raymond, I’m mentoring him in Plasma for 2 weeks now, getting his used to the basecode and fixing a lot of small bugs on the plasmoids on the way, the plan is to move him to something bigger in the future ( any ideas? )

There’s also a new mailing list that I’m in charge ( with Nightrose ) that’s almost dead since the beginning ( my fault, really, I got a complete lack of focus since I got back from Akademy ) but it will start rocking soon, since I’m doing a lot of things here that I will need to talk with somebody. 😉

About gsoc, my studant keeps rocking, he improved the code, and made the whole app much more significant than it was before. Rocs will now not be a “Graph Theory Application” as I talked in all those months, but a Data Structure Application, and I’m sure it will be one of the KDE – Killer Apps for applied science. stay tooned.



1. Mario Fux - August 13, 2010

Great to hear. Congratulations for your new job and I know what you mean by moving and having not yet the internet connection. Cu soon.

2. nuno - August 14, 2010

We rock! 😀

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