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2010.1 Wrap Up June 29, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

It’s been a great year for KDE in Brasil, This post will just summarize a few things that happened here.

  • 2 day *FREE* KDE Programming Training at USP – São Carlos, in São Paulo
  • Akademy – BR put this colossal country together to strength the links in the community, and created friendships.
  • KDE – Porto Alegre created, a user group in the south of Brazil
  • KDE – Piaui created, a user group in the north northeast of Brazil ( thanks for pointing out filipe 😉
  • KDE – Lovelace created, a user group concentrated in helping people join the team
  • KDE – Talks in almost every flisol ( Free Software Instalation Fest Latinamerica )
  • KDE – Sanca created, a user group in the southeast of Brazil
  • KDEEduca being reborned by the syst – team, a company that uses a kde – based distro.
  • Bigger KDE – Release Partie Event, more than 6 states participating.

And probably a lot of other things that I forgot.  but it’s still impressive for a country that had an almost 4 persons KDE team in 2 years ago.

ah, of course I forgot to say that

with a bof on gathering universities students as interns for KDE. my newest tryout. let’s see how’s that going to work.



1. Filipe Saraiva - June 29, 2010


“KDE – Piaui created, a user group in the *northeast* of Brazil”


Hugs, my friend!

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