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Randa. Final Tougths May 27, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Finally home, at least. it’s 7pm here but I feel like midnight, eyes closing and headache. Randa was a damn – fine experience for me, and for everybody that was on it. I worked like I didn’t had anything better to do for a couple of days, fixing over 45 bugs in the meantime. My beloved friend and Artist Alexandre Freitas took care of icons, not finished yet, but going to, also he’s doing the artwork for KDE – Edu logo and that gave me an idea for a better KAboutWidget, let’s see what I can implement for kde 4.6 ( a pitty that we are trunk-frozen , but whattahell 😉 ).

It was lovely meeting some people that I already knowed for a long time in irc like Sput and Nightrose.

not a long text today since my head looks like exploding, but just to finalize, KDE 4.5 will have a solid – rock rocs. and for 4.6 the plan is to take over the world with the best data-structure teaching program ever. first the universities, then, the world. =D



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