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Randa day -1 May 21, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

It started quite ok, I had a bug in my job that I had to fix just before going to the airport, didn’t fixed… I just got no time for losing the flight. took a bus and met

Helio with his brother near the bus station, then we moved torwards the airport with tears in our eyes walking our way to São Paulo, where we would met another member of the KDE team, Alexandre Freitas. As unusual as it sounds, the airport was not crowded and we just had to wait for a couple of minutes till everything was ok. we Had a Great Flight to Porto, Portugal.

Then things started to annoy… First there was about 120 persons in the plane and just 2 police officers in Porto taking care of the visas, and also 3 girls that worked for the Airport trying to put some order in the chaos, but the chaos was already made. our connection was just 1h after the arrival, but it took 40 minutes for us to pass the line and run for the plane. Luckly we didn’t bringed any luggage, just our usual hand-bags. I said luckily ? We lost the connection, I didn’t just lost the connection but but also my flight to London since I was going to get it in Genebra two hour after I arrived for a quick chat with some aquaitances in england. talked to EasyJet, but to remark the tickets I would spend 30% more than I already had spend buying it, and also talked to TAP and they said just ‘not my problem, we are not responsibles for the airport delaying you in the line’, and me? well, looks like I lost 126 euros, that’s more than 20% of my income. oh, well =/

Then I had a plan from Porto to Lisbon, and another to Lisbon to Genebra. In genebra we went to buy our train tickets:

“To Where?” – “Randa” – “Where?” – “Randa” – “Are you sure that this place does exists?” – “Pretty sure.” – guy does some search on the keyboard… – “Ah, yeah, it’s here, seems it’s 12h trip” – “WHAT?” – “Just Kidding, então, o preço é 120 euros cada.”, and he just talked portuguese with us in the Switzerland airport, talking about globalization…

We got into the train and the time passed by, in the last station Piercy, a guy from peru that looked like lost ( just as we where ) talked to us ‘KDE?’ and we all shake our hands, talked about groovy things till the train finally stopped and Mario Rescued us.

Nice things about Mario’s Shag:

  • Woody. everything woody is cool.
  • Cozy. everything cozy is cool.
  • Wirelessy. Everything wirelessy is cool.
  • Milk Soda. because milk is the new coke.

Pictures from day -1:

American Soldiers returning to Home, in the Porto Airport.

Helio and Alexandre at Genebra Train Station

Alexandre, the pretty picture maker.

a Glowing Tomaz, for I glow like no other.

A really danger Sport, Train Surfing.

That’s all for today folks, Tomorrow on day 1 I will write about day 0. Cya =)



1. gon - May 21, 2010

Hi there,

I don’t want to be rude or similar, but i this blog entry necessary in planetkde? I mean wtf 🙂

Btw i do appreciate your work!

tumaix - May 21, 2010

of course it is. it’s about comming to KDE Multimedia Sprint. in Randa. instead of being rude, you could just enjoy the view.

mat69 - May 21, 2010

Why shouldn’t it be there?

Planetkde is about KDE and the people (!) who make it.

Jack - May 21, 2010

Is there a campaign to remove every post from planet KDE? is this Planet Gnome or something?

Especially since this is clearly related with KDE…

2. Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi - June 20, 2010

Hi Tomaz, yes, go to Randa was a great experience to see all the KDEdu people in person. Hehehe I just remember when I saw you guys, I thought “oh! if they go to KDEEdu sprint then I’m not the only one who is lost here :p” 😀 😀

I just created a blog, so I’ll post my comments about the sprint too 😉

btw … I liked a lot Rocs ( I remember told you that scripting was a good idea for your app 😉 )

btw2 … please correct my name is not Piercy … just only Percy for friends 😉

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