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Dimpress 3D – Sliding Panels – First Results May 16, 2010

Posted by viniciusdotself in planetkde-vinicius.

Hi there!

Three months has passed and there Dimpress 3D got his first cute face! We’ve developed a plugin structure and a plugin that describes a model for 3D presentations called Sliding Panels. The user interface needs a lot of improvements and we are working on that.In the next weeks we’ll present our solution in the college.

Here goes the svn: http://dimpress3d.googlecode.com/svn/branches/dimpressv2

Below is a picture that describes the process of using Dimpress 3D.

1 – Selection for presentation model.

2 – Definition of presentation content.

3 – Presentation Generation!

4 – Showing Presentation!

This picture is the interface provided by Sliding Panels:

There are few bugs we want to fix up, but the svn version of the above link is already functional.

Soon, we’ll post a video. =)

See you …



1. George - May 16, 2010

It seems vaporware.

You talk too much about the project, but never provide the source code and that is completely pointless to a community like KDE where the freedom of the code is really important.

Coming with the argument that you’ll free it after your college presentation and UI improvements is not the way how Open Source works.

Great application, but think about it.

viniciusdotself - May 17, 2010

Well, George. You’re right, but the question is that we thought that did not worth show off the code and receive comments having no time to pay attention to people suggestions.

Anyway, we set up the license in each file of the project yesterday, and the post is now updated with the svn link.

2. Inge Wallin - May 17, 2010

George: That was a bit harsh.

What I would like to know is if any of this work is reusable in KPresenter, and if you would be interested in helping out there. Seems like there would be a lot of double work getting the basics working if you continue to work on your own, and KPresenter could definitely benefit from some 3D work.

viniciusdotself - May 17, 2010


The video making process is based upon a XML file, an integration with KPresenter could be another XML reading or a XML translating …
That would be great reuse the KPresenter GUI basics, but, at the time we had to start the project, there was no time to learn KOffice code, learn Qt, C++ and KDE. This is our first program using these technologies.

From now on we’ll get in touch with KOffice team and listen to community suggestions, =)


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