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Kingdom April 20, 2010

Posted by Nibodhika in planetkde-vitochiarella.

As you all know we just returned from the Akademy-Br, it was a great experience, mostly because we get to know a lot of people that like the same things (and understand our jokes hehehe), but also because being in a closed envirment with lots of coffe and coke and people that can help programing makes everyone more productive, for my part I can only say that I’ve made mutch on my little contribution to the kde-games that I started from zero in the first akademy day.

The game’s name is Kingdom, it’s a card game all about conquering the stars, the project isn’t even pre-alfa, but at least I’ve made the basic engine and started to work on the graphics, but it will take me some time to finish it, altought I would have never come this far without the motivation that only a sprint can give.

After I finish reconfiguring my system (wich could mean a several days) I’ll post some pictures here, both of the game (even it’s nothing but a board with white rectangles writted with the name of the card) and the akademy, though it will be dificult to found one in wich I’m not programing…

Be writing soon: Live Blue, and prosper _\\//



1. rafael - April 21, 2010

just a little spelling correction here.. i think you misspelled the word “much”. cheers

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