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The Sky was falling in our heads April 14, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

So here I was, at Florianopolis, the place that’s called ‘The Paradise Island’, I was helping Sandro Andrade to organize the 1st Akademy in brazil, even a distance, doing what I could. I got there two days before it started, to gather the people that came at the airport. I was supposed to do three travels from there to my old house, about 10 minutes away by car. but the storm was comming, and it was not just an normal storm. After Aracele and Chicão arrived, the Airport closed for the wind was strong. and so strong that some people that should have arrived at 10 a.m arrived at 6p.m, delaying and changing all my plans for that day.

I could do virtually nothing, since I was trapped in my own house, I almost needed an boat to get out of it, and I still needed to gather the rest. when I got Amanda, the water was so high that I had to search for a better way to come home for almost an hour, delaying even more.

at 7p.m, I had a microbus to get 12 people that was waiting at my house to the place where the akademy was going to be held, in Praia do Forte. I got there at 1a.m, since I still had to pick up one girl from KDE – RS, one of our new local teams ( that has three members till now, but plans to grow and take care of the brazilian southness. )

Qt picture of the Qt people in that Qt town.


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