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Akademy-BR 2010 – Last Day April 14, 2010

Posted by Sandro Andrade in planetkde-sandroandrade.

Hi there,

Yes, Akademy-BR 2010 reaches its last day and some people started to leave early morning while still others were blogging about the outcomes, new friends, expectations for 2010, etc. The rain didn’t gave us a rest but fortunately nothing compared to the first day storm. People could neither sunbathe nor explore other amenities in Praia do Forte (sorry Amanda :)) but, on the other hand, that may have contributed to keep focused on hacking and discussion :).

Apparently, Tomaz has fallen in love with all KDE Brasil girls ! 🙂 and not being enough his cute musical honour to them he asked Morgana (by the way, a quite talented artist – that girl should be in our next meetings !) to do something special to Akademy-BR 🙂 The result ? Here it is:

Great artwork done by Morgana. From left to right: Amanda, Camila, Jordana, Taiane, Aracele.

Real picture 🙂

So, that’s all. Akademy-BR 2010 was a quite pleasant (and laborious :)) time for me and I would like to thank all guys and girls were there for giving their sweat to narrowing KDE Brasil friendship, improving some applications, and renewing our hopes of a great year for KDE. Free Software is about people and certainly some new friends will be around !

See you in … … Akademy-BR 2011 ? 🙂

Group photo 1

Group photo 2



1. annma - April 14, 2010

Hi, great posts from all of you and great Akademy it seems! I wear my KDE Minas Gerais t-shirt to show the world how great you people are. Big hugs to Brasil from a Brasilian by heart!

Sandro Andrade - April 14, 2010

Yes, it was great for its first edition. I’m looking forward to meet you in Tampere 🙂


fpribeirobhz - April 16, 2010

Hey, annma! KDE-MG ‘ll thank you very much and we are happy that you liked! Girls are found for the KDE-Women or something like that (are choosing the name:). See you in anyway Akademy next year which, God willing, will be in Minas Gerais. Big Hug!

2. Aleix - April 14, 2010

Congratulations to the Brazil team! Looks like you’re creating a nice community there! 🙂

We are having our Akademy-es in a couple of weeks. I hope it will look half as awesome! 😀

Take care!

Sandro Andrade - April 14, 2010

Thanks, apol ! I hope we can have, in the future, an Akademy-BR as traditional and outstanding as Akademy-es.

See you 🙂

3. jesperht - April 14, 2010

haha, nice pictures! Looks like akademy-br was a big success 🙂

4. Dimitar - April 14, 2010

Looks like lots of fun… one more reason to join the community 🙂

5. furanku - April 16, 2010

So, where are the drawings of the male attendees in sexy outifts?!

tumaix - April 16, 2010

the next meeting, maybe ;D

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