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Compiled, Packaged ‘n Ready to Ship. March 24, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Or Flight, in about 2 weeks the First Akademy in Brazil will be setup, I will finally met some of my fellow hackers ‘n developers for the first time. Since Sandro and Piacentini already wrote what the Akademy Br is all about, I will absent myself from that and instead, write about the people that will be there. Friends from Old times and new friends coming up and helping eachother.

KDE – Minas Gerais

This group will be represented by Amanda, Felipe, Lamarque, Daniel and a few others. this is the “Promo Group” in Brazil, but not just promo, Lamarque and Daniel are programmers and help KDE when they can.

One from Bahia, one from Rio grande do sul, a couple of Gnommies and the KDE - MG Crew ;D

KDE – Sanca

The newest member of the family, founded 4 weeks ago, primarily by Vitor, Taiane and Artur. one is already a KDE Contribuitor ( vitor ) and they are working quite hard already. Vitor’s trying GSoC, and also Taiane. It was because of them that I was in São Paulo last weekend for a trainning session with the local townspeople. =)

I didn’t had a picture with all of them, so… :

Taiane, the mother of KDE - Sanca

Vitor, near Maddog, and Pumba in the right. the one behind them I don't know =)


In the persons of Wagner Reck and Camila Ayres, Wagner is already a KDE Contribuitor working with me in some KDE – Edu programs, Camila is a Wannabe KDE Hacker, and to fulfill that dream, she was also one of the ones that took my Crash Qt Course last Weekend.

Wagner, on a demonstration of KDE 4.4 at his university ( the left one )

And also the KDE – Piaui, KDE – Ba, KDE – SP, KDE – Floripa ones…

The cool thing is that this are really new news, since the majority of those groups didn’t existed last year =)

KDE’s Growing fast here.

Ah, by the way,



1. jos poortvliet - March 24, 2010

Good news 😉

Keep us posted, you’ll have to write a dot story obviously so I look forward to receiving that in the dot-editors inbox 😀

And there were other meetings in Brazil, one of which I might visit so I look forward to meeting some of the Kool ppl above 😀

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