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Back from São Paulo March 23, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

This last week I was in São Carlos, at the Universidade de São Paulo ( USP ) to give an introductory short – crash course  ( 16h ) of Qt in 2 days. A Whole saturday, a Whole Sunday of geeks, nerds, and stuff going out. I spent the time that I was (supposedly) resting at the Tureba’s House, a cool place to be, with a Cool dog to play. The course was great, a little less of the total amount of subscriptors appeared, as usual. I had about 30 studants in the Saturday and 28 in the Sunday, wich I consider to be quite a Success.

I also used the time on the course to talk about Summer of Code, KDE and Managing a OpenSource Project, I hope at least one or two of them will try Summer of Code this year, on a kde-edu related project.

Some students gave me some compliments so great that I don’t have the courage to put here, but they made me very happy. Ah, wannaknow? One of the compliments was “This was one of the best extra-courses that USP offered”. it’s SO good to hear that =)

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1. ReactOS - March 23, 2010

Would be nice if theres Qt courses in Salvador, maybe in UFBA or any other place.

tumaix - March 24, 2010

Last year there was 2 courses in UFBA, one at my house ( in lauro de freitas) and another in Unime. This year Sandro’s trying to do one, but he really lacks time for that =/

2. jos poortvliet - March 24, 2010

cool! Now let’s see how many of them start coding stuff and publish it on kde-apps.org or even join the core KDE development team 😀

tumaix - March 24, 2010

there are already 4 of them trying to get into the core =)

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