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KDE SC 4.4 Release Party – Salvador … February 4, 2010

Posted by Sandro Andrade in planetkde-sandroandrade.
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… is ready to go !

Everything done for the KDE SC 4.4 Release Party in Salvador (Brazil), which happens on February 6th at Faculdade Area 1. We’ll begin at 2 p.m. with a set of four talks: Introduction to Free Software and GNU/Linux, KDE for Beginners, Ekaaty (Brazilian KDE-based distro), and KDE in Brazil. We’ve drawn special attention to those people who haven’t ever used KDE before and the first two talks are devoted to show off free software and KDE facilities for everyday activities performed by non-technical end-users. A lot of party promotion has been done out of our conventional computer people territory and we expect a quite fruitful time. Of course, at 6 p.m. we all go out for snacks, beers, dancing, and whatever personal motif to celebrate KDE SC 4.4 release ­čÖé

Ok, if you’re about to bother me ­čÖé because of our anticipated celebration the answer is: we had no choice. February is a quite complicated month for events, our city becomes a great stage for popular festivals including Yemanja Festival and Carnival, one of the biggest traditional parties in Brazil. So, it’s better make things happen before people begin madly running for the electric trio ­čÖé

By the way, a nice picture from Yemanja Festival which happened last February 2nd:

Rocs – What’s comming for 4.5 February 2, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava, uncategorized.

Small bunch of features added since the last stable version of Rocs,

Support for more than just one script open at a time (tumaix)

Redone the Graphcis to use SVG, in all it’s scalable smoothness. (tumaix)

Reworked the internal libs so they are more fast, secure and failproof. (tumaix)

Finished the initial implementation of dinamic properties ( Wreck )

Initial Plugin Support ( Wreck )

lots of bugfixes and code cleanup ( tumaix and Wreck )

That’s all pholks, ahn, obligatory screenshoot.

Taking over Students, Building an army of soldiers. February 1, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.
You know, we – the KDE devs – are always trying to rule the world thru beauty, candyness and a little brute force where necessary ­čśë but what has happened in the past? We have redone and redesigned the desktop. not just the *nix desktop but also windows and osx ones (for you, cold hearted people, that will stop here just to say that osx is unix too, I will grab your feet at night with cold hands). A couple of years have passed since 4.0 and what we have now? Ah, we have done lots, the KDE SC is completely usable, plasma is beauty, Dolphin is unbloated and is one of the best file browsers in existance ( well, I do prefer krusader, but it’s just not so pretty ;)…
Seems like world domination is comming quite well, the initial fear of the change has passed and KDE itself is a grown up boy ( or girl, depending on wich plasma theme are you using, btw we need an improved and upgraded fluffy bunny theme for 4.4 ). But for the first time there’s one more place where KDE will rule the world. We always had Step and Kalzium since the dawn of mankind, I mean, KDE 4, for those who don’t know what Step is, let me rephrase something from their official site:
“Step is an interactive physics simulator. With Step you can not only learn but feel how physics works!”
Step is not a physics simulation game with half-backed physics. it’s a full featured 2d physics simulator, not made for speed, but for correctness.
There’s also Kalzium, and strangely the worse feature of it is to display a chemical element’s table. it’s so much more than that. it has an integrated 3d molecule builder, a equation solver and much more.
Also, Rocs, my kid. an Graph IDE with javascript support.
There’s also Cantor, an Mathematical IDE with many backends supported.
I think it’s about time to take over universities and build an army of studants programming, using and spreading our apps.