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Release Party – KDE 4.4 in Minas Gerais February 18, 2010

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

In February 11th KDE guys from Minas Gerais (Brazil) get together to celebrate KDE SC 4.4 release.

Several people was present:

  • Túlio M
  • Dan (aka Daniel)
  • Krust André Fillipe (who made our KDE-MG logo)
  • Duda
  • João
  • Wagner
  • Jeff
  • Raquel
  • Aninha
  • Gripp
  • Lamarque – which came from another city to join those guys and girls.

The party was in “Frango Frito” (Fried Chicken), which is a recurrent place for KDE-MG meetings in Belo Horizonte downtown. Most people arrived by 19:00 (7:00pm) and the first activity was… fill anniversary balloons 🙂 Sure we knew it was not KDE’s anniversary, but KDE SC 4.4 deserves the same kind of celebration. Unfortunately we were not able to get the cake (Not Lamarque’s fault amanda, easy girl… easy…  good girl 😀 ), so we stayed with the white and blue balloons only. We had some talks about the KDE SC 4.4 new features and Free Software in general as some of the attendees are starting to use Linux. As all GULA’s meetting we also have beer and of course fried chicken.  Some of us also brought our laptops (Lamarque for instance), some hours later the laptops were set aside we just have good talks about everything: KDE, Gnome, Linux, Oracle and its actions about Gnome Acessibility comunnity, FreeBSD, cars and even Windows (we had to mock on something hehe). We took some pictures http://amandacsi.pixi.me/v/release_party_kde_4.4 with our cell phones, unfortunately Amanda’s camera battery charger broke and we could not use her camera to take better pictures. In the end everybody were satisfyied and pleased to be party of this group of people who loves KDE.


1. Maxine T. McClellan - February 18, 2010

Sounds like a great party!

Why not join as on Facebook at the Minas International Fan Page. When you have events like this (assuming they are open to the public) you can post. I’m sure people would find it interesting.

Minas International is a group of fluent English speakers both Expat and Brasilian living Minas. We are planning our first get together in a few weeks.


2. H. Malinverni - April 10, 2010

Great move guys! As an old timer KDE user it is great to see all this enthusiasm going on. I have been to Minas (Belo Horizonte) and loved it. Keep up with the good work!

H. Malinverni

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