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Rocs goes kdereview November 4, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Today was the second day of it in extragear kdereview, and I tougth I should write what it is again, to remind people to test, try it, aprove it, disaprove it and use it as a toothbrush if in lack for a better tool for it.

So, a lot of people asks me “what is rocs”, and, simply it is an easy to use IDE for Graph Theory. What it does, and why an IDE for it?

It let the professor / student create a graph by plotting on the drawing area, by creating a graph file or by executing an script in javascript that will create the graph, and then he can simulate various algorithms in graph theory.

Is there any algorithm already implemented?

Nope. the idea is not to have the homework for the students, but to provide a simple graph API and a visualization area for them to implement it.

While I was doing graph theory in college, I found out that there isn’t any tool to visualize the graphs and apply algorithms to it.

searching by “Graph Algorithm Tools” over the web, the only one that I found that’s similar to mine is GDR, Graph Drawing Tool , but it’s from 1998, and sigthly outdated.

Over the emails someone said (sorry, donesn’t have an mail client here and gmail is blocked, so say your name in the comments and I will update this  ) “While we have good graph drawing programs, it’s actually cool that someone took the time to create one simple just to experiment with scripting and algorithms, this can help college students and professors alike”.

Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but the idea remains the same.

So, peace, and try out. Cheers.



1. ravloony - November 5, 2009

Have you tried this?
It’s amazingly powerful!

tumaix - November 5, 2009

No, I never found that out, and by looking at the site, yes, it’s really more powerful than mine is for Data Analisys, but the reason to be is completely different, while tulip represent almost anything and gives full output of what’s being seen and the drawned edges and nodes, mine you can program and see the result of the script.

2. woodsjay - November 5, 2009

Would you explain what Rocs does that is beyond the functionality of the dot/Graphviz group of programs?

tumaix - November 5, 2009

Sure, dot.graphviz implement all graph algorithms so the student doens’t need to know them, it’s a scientific application and it’s the best app for graphs ever. and completely different from mine, mine is to Teach Graph Algorithms, not to show them already functioning. Let’s try with an better example.:

You have 2 approaches to teach Graphical Computing, one is Photoshop with everything there, and the other is Cairo, the API to draw onscreen, and with the API knowledge, you can create your on.

in using that knowledge,
Photoshop is dot / Graphviz,
mine is Cairo, so the student needs to implement the graph algorithms and see the results, instead of choosing the appropriate algorithm in Graphviz and seeing the results 😉

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