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just 2 more things and my job is finished. August 24, 2009

Posted by tumaix in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

or almost,

I must admit that I’m taking too long with this app, but it’s just because he’s my little baby. The code is mostly stable and I’m now accepting bug reports for it. what’s missing: manual. prettier icons, and a release schedule. ( I really want to finish it for 4.4 ). For those of you that read my blog, and say ‘ah, cute, nice graphs and all, but where do I get it?’ well, wait no more, just svn checkout svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/edu/Rocs and compile.

the 2 things that I want to finish before a final 1.0 version:

  • .dot graph support
  • usability improvements

rocs edut noderocs document manager

as you can see, right now it’s less than ok, it’s really ugly.

So, I did  a small mockup here to implement, and, frankly I got happy with the result,

but I want to hear ( actually, read ) what you other fellow kde hackers have to say about it.

so please, don’t be shy, and give-me your 2 cents about…

layoutclick to enlarge.

the main idea of that is everything should be simple to edit. the ‘new’ button on the node adds a new dinamic QProperty to it, it will also appear on the edges and graphs part, but I forgot to add on the mockup and I’m too lazy to fix it. The colors on the node are the actual node colors on the program, so you can modify and see the result there, same goes for the edges.

I hope I got myself clear, I’m so sleepy that I look like a drunk homer simpson.



1. nuno pinheiro - August 25, 2009

thank you for not scaling your screnshoot, and great fonts btw.
I need to do your icons, just send me an email with a list of what you need and what they are and names for them…

2. Stefan Majewsky - August 25, 2009

Hi Tomaz. I need a similar property list for the Kolf editor. Is there a possibility that we collaborate on this? If yes, please send me a private mail.

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[…] begin with the last picture. It is actually a detail from a screenshot that Tomaz published in a blog entry yesterday. In the same post, he indicated that this interface is “less than ok, it’s really […]

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