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Rocs, After Akademy August 6, 2009

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It’s being a while without any post from my side, but I was actually too lazy to write anything. a few things, tougths and stuff from the last days of fisl passying by all akademy, till today will be written here without a special care for correctness, truthness nor orderness.

1 – End of FISL:

We, from the live blue team, got invited to another congress to spread the K word to the world, Solisc, the 4th event in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, in the south of brazil.

Forro internacional de software livre

Forro internacional de software livre

2 – Beginning of Latinoware

Since the call for papers didn’t opened yet, we are working hard to write papers for it, since it’s one of the bigger events in latinoamerica, and in a marvelous place too, Foz do Iguaçu has the beauty of a godess, and I really want to go there again.

3 – Akademy

Marvelous place, Marvelous people, I had a wonderful time carring and spinning blauzahl in a party, talking to Nuno about brazil and portugal, and obviously, about how SVG rulez and how he loves it =P , walking around the beach ( what if the towel, instead of  “it helps you write less code and spend more time in the beach”, had a “Qt: Code less, Beach More”? ),  collecting stones and randomly giving origami to people, chitchating with Guilliermo, Jure and Neja, eating in cheap chinese restaurants, taking pictures of flowers, and fixing almost a thousand bugs in my app. wonderful time indeed;

Canary Islands

in sideways because I’m lazy.

4 – Rocs

I received not a lot of, but a good feedback about my app in akademy and in fisl, you know, at first I was thinking “oh, well, this app can be used in university, but it’s quite boring, yadda yadda”, and actually a few people where really enjoying that this app exists ( in playground, but hey… ), after fisl I didn’t really write code, but on the lasts days of akademy I was programming like a small slave, writing more than 10h of code everyday.


main improvements on Akademy:

  • All known crash bugs fixeds.
  • All known non-crash bugs fixeds.
  • improvements on serialization of the graph using something almost, but not quite, completely diferent from yaml
  • fixing a nasty Qt freeze drawing a quadratic curve with zero size,
  • QtScript debugger integration,
  • UI Improvements,
  • and a lot of optimizations.

And that’s it folks 😉



1. Inge Wallin - August 6, 2009

And that Roc(k)s!

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