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Last days of FISL 10 June 27, 2009

Posted by Nibodhika in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Yesterday was a big day because Lula, the president of Brazil, came to FISL. While some people were excited about having the chance of meeting him, the FISL took some extreme security measures. So, from the 7000 people that are expected per day, only 700 had the chance of actually being inside most of the area. Each user group exposition could leave up to 3 guys (me, Tomaz and Sandro) during the morning, and only one guy (Tomaz was our chosen one) in the afternoon, when Lula would arrive, but even so, most of the people where mad because they had paid for being there, and the doors had been closed for them. Some people where even using tags saying “Free Software but Closed FISL?”. But at the night they installed some metal detectors and let the people back in (most likely to avoid a major inconvenient for the participants).

Lula is Nerd!

Another fact happened, in my oppinion even more important, than the coming of the president (since I didn’t have direct contact with him, nor did any of us). Fernando Michelotti, from Debian, is sick. He had some troubles and had to be hospitalized. They found an internal bleeding, then needed some blood to help. It was announced via speakers, and you would think that an enormous amount of people would go (since we’re in a cooperative community), but the fact is that not even 10 people went there. I was one of them (that’s why I don’t even know what happen there in the afternoon and Tomaz would be the better choice for blogging it). I almost fade out during the extraction of the blood, but at least they could get enough blood before that.

People that went donate blood with Fernando's mother

Today I talked to a friend of Fernando and she told me he’s doing better thanks to our donation, and that lots of people appeared after to donate and that the hospital even had blood to use to other 3 patients so they were very thankful to the group in general. There’s an idea of making a donation on the first day of every FISL, we do not have further information, but the Live Blue supports the idea.

Tux with Live Blue shirt

Beside that today is the very last day in the Forum, so we’ll be here till 21:00, there were several talks (as usual), two of the more important and interesting were: “[Forum KDE] Qt Kinetic” by Leandro Sobral Cunha, and “The Danger of Software Patents” by Richard Stallman. He complained about my shirt witch read “OpenSource Lifestyle” and have a GNU on the back, because “Software Livre” (Free Software) would have been a better choice of shirts, and because GNU project doesn’t work with open source softwares, but with free software.

Sandro, Tomaz and Mauricio Piacentini talking about KDE Actions on Brasil

I don’t get the point of people being so fanatics to one thing that actually forget that they are working in pro of the same thing, and I’m not talking just about the minimal differences between free software and open source software, but also to the constant fight between users of a certain distribution or desktop environment to prove them superior, without realizing that working together would be a grater good to everybody.

by: Vito Francisco Chiarella



1. anon - June 28, 2009

“Some people where even using tags saying ‘Free Software but Closed FISL?'”

It would be interesting to see how many of these people volunteered to give blood to the other human being who desperately needed it.

It’s great that you stepped up to help 🙂

tumaix - July 1, 2009

the picture with people standing up is the one with the blooddonators.

2. Eder - July 3, 2009

Se esse blog representa o KDE para a Bahia (segundo a lista de discussões combase-l do yahoo groups), porque que é tudo escrito em “not so good” english, até mesmo nos comentários?

Sandro Andrade - July 3, 2009

Oi Eder,

Estamos federados no planetkde.org, todos os posts daqui vão automaticamente pra lá.
Deseja contribuir com um “high-quality-proficient-english” ?

Eder - July 3, 2009

Perdoe, não sabia da federação. O diacho e que eu recebí um email que dizia este blog ser o canal do kde com a Bahia, e vi aqui algo totalmente diferente, e sem sequer um linkzinho qualquer para um baiano ler (contrariando inclusive a politica de internacionalização do kde) e se inteirar um pouquinho. Por sinal o email que eu recebí estava todo em português. Tenho a maior vontade de colaborar até com os projetos do kde, programando mesmo e me inteirando. Se somasse nas minhas notas de avaliações acadêmicas, eu o faria, assim como contribuiria com better english para vosso blog.

3. indian mp3 songs - November 9, 2011

Thank god some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this piece of writing!!

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