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First days at FISL 10 June 25, 2009

Posted by Nibodhika in planetkde-tomazcanabrava.

Live Blue camp
Hello, since this is my first post in the blog I’ll introduce myself. I’m Vito Chiarella, I’m with the Live Blue since the beginning, and the name was actually my idea (please don’t hate me). I’m making this post because we didn’t post anything since FISL 10 started (yesterday). I’ve just watched a talk named “Qt Everywhere”, so it’s a good time to spread the word.
Live Blue Banner
First of all, we are recording some videos, and we will be putting them together for a compilation about the trip after we return to Salvador. But until that I’ll be putting some pictures here. As most of us are used to the hot winter of Salvador we’re having a hard time on the cold (read 15ºC/59ºF) of Porto Alegre (where FISL is happening).
Tux in FISL
As for the user group camps there are some really nice, for instance Debian’s is selling some really clever shirts, while Sun is giving mini-soccer balls (for the price of being good at handle it), But the small user group camps, like ours or Arch Linux one are having trouble for getting the attention of the people. Not even our forro (Bahia typical music) band got the main attention to us. There are also many talks at the same time that most of us is spitted leaving to 3 or 4 in our camp, but on Qt we agreed to go together since it is related to KDE.
Qt Everywhere
The “Qt Everywhere” talk was amazing, most of the Live Blue team went there (leaving to only one guy the job of present the group to curious people). One interesting fact that I didn’t know is that Qt is REALLY everywhere, for instance some coffee machines!!. Thanks to the doubts of Tomaz on the speech, and the brilliant idea to ask for it, he is (read: we are) the happy owner of a Qt shirt and book (C++ GUI programing with Qt4).
Tchelinux banner

By: Vito Chiarella (V1to)


1. foo - June 25, 2009

omg, what a ugly costume on photo #3

2. pano - June 26, 2009

is there a place, where you can buy/order the “Live Blue” T-Shirt from the first pic?


3. Sandro Andrade - June 26, 2009


Unfortunately no ! Perhaps in Akademy if you are going !

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